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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Poor Shimon still doesn't get it

On Saturday in Gaza, Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshaal made a notably bellicose speech.
Mashaal, who arrived in the Gaza Strip for the first time ever on Friday, said: "Palestine from the river to the sea, from the north to the south, is our land and we will never give up one inch or any part of it." 

As Mashaal spoke, the crowd chanted slogans calling on Hamas's armed wing to launch rockets next time at Haifa.
"Palestine was, still is and will always be Arab and Islamic," he said. "Palestine belongs to us and to no one else. We can never recognize the legitimacy of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Palestine belongs to us, and not to the Zionists."


"Jihad and armed resistance are the right and real way to liberate Palestine and restore our rights," Mashaal added. "Liberating Palestine, all Palestine, is the duty and right and goal of all Arabs and Muslims."
He also vowed not to give up the right to liberate Jaffa, Haifa, Safad and Beersheba.
He said that political and diplomatic efforts, as well as mass and legal movements, were "worthless" unless they were accompanied by armed struggle.
Mashaal accused Israel of "forging and altering" the history and character of the Palestinians and their lands.
He called on the Palestinian Authority to reconsider its strategy of seeking a peaceful solution with Israel.
"Israel has destroyed the Palestinian state that negotiators worked for many years to achieve," he said. "Let's reconsider the political process and bet on the resistance, which will remain the backbone of our program."
He also called for ending the dispute between Hamas and Fatah, adding that his movement believes in reconciliation and national unity. "The division is a national disaster," he continued. "The division was imposed on us when some refused to accept the results of the 2006 [parliamentary] election. Let's forget what happened in the past because today is the day of victory."
 Even Shimon Peres, Israel's 89-year old President and the architect of the Oslo disaster, noticed Meshaal's speech
Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal revealed the movement's true face in his comments in Gaza over the weekend, President Shimon Peres said Sunday. The Islamist movement's true face is that of a terror organization which advocates killing, does not compromise and wants to keep the poor in Gaza in state of poverty, Peres explained.
But Peres still doesn't get it.
Speaking at the Globes business conference, Peres said Israel must negotiate with the only Palestinian alternative, Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas, who is a relatively moderate leader opposed terrorism and who has choosen the path of negotiations. 
And what makes Peres think the 'Palestinian Authority' is any better? This is from the first link. 
Fatah representatives in the Gaza Strip also attended the main Hamas rally. The PA's official Palestine TV broadcast live Mashaal's speech for the first time since Hamas's violent takeover of the Gaza Strip in 2007. The move is seen as yet another sign of rapprochement between Hamas and Fatah.
Top Fatah official Azzam al-Ahmed, who is closely associated with PA President Mahmoud Abbas, praised Mashaal for calling for end to the dispute between the two parties.
Ahmed said that contacts between the two sides were continuing to achieve unity and reconciliation. "Fatah is waiting for the end of the Hamas celebrations to launch unity talks," he said. "The division must end so that we could benefit from our unity." Abbas is scheduled to meet with Mashaal in Cairo soon to discuss ways of ending the dispute, he added.
Netanyahu's government continues to make noises as if they do understand that there is no difference between Fatah/the 'Palestinian Authority' and Hamas. This is Netanyahu spokesman Mark Regev.
“I would ask the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah, who talks about making a political coalition with these extremists, what does this say, about your own stated commitment to peace and reconciliation?” Regev said.
What it says is that the 'Palestinian leadership in Ramallah' has no commitment to peace and  reconciliation. So why does Netanyahu continue to insist on a 'two-state solution'? Why does he continue to follow the eternal failure, Shimon Peres?

What could go wrong?

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At 3:59 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Follow the Gaia Green Slush. Lord Monckton just got evicted from a U.N. Green Gaia Event for saying out loud in public that planetary temps stopped rising 16 years ago. Does Israel have a delegation there? I think it is in Doha.

And furthermore, the video of President Peres galavanting with the Gaia Green people in California earlier this year was used on TV by Obama's campaign... Brightsource, Better Place, and Ormat (at least... who else) have received enormous grants, loan guarantees, etc. from U.S. govt stolen Green Slushfunds. And you posted info on a $$million Green Slush ski lift in Tel Aviv from NASA?? Israelis can act like it's such a mystery why your govt says and does what it does, but I'm sure that much Green Slush has requirements attached.


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