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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Finance Minister says he won't transfer tax funds to 'Palestinians'

Speaking before Sunday's cabinet meeting, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz announced that he will not transfer tax moneys that Israel collects for them to the 'Palestinians.'
Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said he will not transfer to the Palestinian Authority taxes it collects on behalf of the Palestinians, speaking at the cabinet meeting on Sunday morning. The decision comes in response to the Palestinian bid to upgrade its statehood status at the United Nations last week.

Steinitz said he would "use the funds to offset the PA's electricity debts," Channel 10 reported.

The finance minister decried the Palestinian efforts to create a state without addressing security concerns, disarmament or recognizing Israel, adding, "We said this wouldn't pass quietly."
Here's betting that decision is changed long before the Electric Company collects anywhere near what it is owed. 

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