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Monday, December 31, 2012

A map that says 1,000 words

I know - it's a picture that's supposed to say 1,000 words. Well, a map is a picture.

For those of you who still worry that Israeli construction in E-1 will 'cut a Palestinian state in half,' and for those who feel a need to answer that claim, I'd like to show you a map that shows how construction in E-1 would no more cut a 'Palestinian state' in half than would returning to the 1949 armistice lines (what some of you insist on referring to as the '67 borders') would cut Israel in half elsewhere in the country.

Here's the map.

Don't you think it's a little hypocritical to insist that a 'Palestinian state' has to have contiguity but that Israel does not?

Show that to all  your Leftist friends.

P.S. I believe it's actually only 9 miles from Netanya to Tulkarm.

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