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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jeffrey Wiesenfeld begs Ed Koch to come clean and stop supporting Obama

I trust that many of you remember Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, the courageous City University of New York trustee who attempted to deny an honorary degree to anti-Israel playwright (and college classmate of Carl in Jerusalem) Tony Kushner.

Wiesenfeld has written a letter to former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, a prominent Obama supporter who at one time defected from Obama's camp due to Obama's lack of support for Israel. I received the letter from Ricky G, and have been asked to share it with you.
Editors - Kindly publish as you see fit:
Friends – Circulate.
Dear Friends, Fellow voters and supporters of Israel –
I am sharing an open letter which I have written to Ed Koch, whom I have known since before his first campaign – in which I was involved early in 1977 – in other words, quite well for 35 years.
Dear Ed – 

You’re a lost cause on this one– but I do feel a change in the wind.

We’ll win without you.

I’d have preferred for you that you be with the winner. But it’s not just about winning – far from it. For me, it’s about America, Israel and the West.

Note how your commentary yesterday has no substance whatsoever – rare - very rare – for Ed Koch. And all that you proclaim about “solvency, stability” and the like – you can’t possibly believe that. Here is the purest effect of “charm” ever seen: the “charm” that Barack Obama has showered upon you. And why shouldn’t he? He’s desperate. The superfluous use of the yellow fowl proves it. You mention Obama’s “intelligence.” However, his entire administration has been about intellectual dishonesty, equivocation and worst of all, weakness in the international sphere. You support him despite your continuous admonitions of distrust for him on Israel.

To paraphrase: “In his heart, he (Ed) knows he (Romney) is right.”

All those who have admired you since the 1970’s – the same time during which we admired another of the great Democrats, Henry “Scoop” Jackson – will not be with you this time.

This should have been a pinnacle of positive and intellectually honest influence for you.

I still love you and I tell you so right here, and can never forget the early opportunities I had from you and your administration, but to believe that you are sincere in your professed advocacy for REELECTION of President Obama is to stop believing in Ed Koch. I prefer not to do that.

Jeffrey S. Wiesenfeld

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