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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Iran shipping weapons and personnel to Syria on civilian aircraft via Iraq

This will make you not very happy that the Obama administration rushed US troops out of Iraq en masse and left the country to its fate. Reuters is confirming a report that I have run in the past that Iran is shipping weapons to Syria via Iraq. But the report also adds that Iran is shipping 'personnel' to Syria too. And they're using civilian aircraft.
Earlier this month, U.S. officials said they were questioning Iraq about Iranian flights in Iraqi airspace suspected of ferrying arms to Assad, a staunch Iranian ally. On Wednesday, U.S. Senator John Kerry threatened to review U.S. aid to Baghdad if it does not halt such overflights.
Iraq says it does not allow the passage of any weapons through its airspace. But the intelligence report obtained by Reuters says Iranian weapons have been flowing into Syria via Iraq in large quantities. Such transfers, the report says, are organized by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
"This is part of a revised Iranian modus operandi that U.S. officials have only recently addressed publicly, following previous statements to the contrary," said the report, a copy of which was provided by a U.N. diplomatic source.
"It also flies in the face of declarations by Iraqi officials," it said. "Planes are flying from Iran to Syria via Iraq on an almost daily basis, carrying IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) personnel and tens of tons of weapons to arm the Syrian security forces and militias fighting against the rebels."
It added that Iran was also "continuing to assist the regime in Damascus by sending trucks overland via Iraq" to Syria.
Although the specific charges about Iraq allowing Iran to transfer arms to Damascus are not new, the intelligence report alleges that the extent of such shipments is far greater than has been publicly acknowledged, and much more systematic, thanks to an agreement between senior Iraqi and Iranian officials.
Ali al-Moussawi, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's media adviser, dismissed the intelligence report.
"Iraq rejects baseless allegations that it allows Iran to use its airspace to ship arms to Syria," he said. "The prime minister has always called for a peaceful solution to the Syrian conflict and ... the need for a ban on any state interfering in Syria whether by sending arms or helping others to do so."
The issue of Iranian arms shipments to Syria came up repeatedly at a Senate hearing in Washington on Wednesday on the nomination of Robert Beecroft as the next U.S. ambassador to Baghdad. Beecroft is currently deputy chief of mission there.
John Kerry, the Democratic chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, asked Beecroft what the embassy was doing to persuade the Iraqis to prevent Iran from using their airspace for flights carrying weapons to Syria. Beecroft said that he and other U.S. officials made clear to Iraq the flights must stop.
I'm sure the Iraqis are just shaking with fear over that one. Isn't live great when the US has no clout in the world because its President is seen as a paper tiger (or less)? What could go wrong?

 Israel Radio reports (2:00 pm) that Iraq is denying this story. Well, what did you expect them to say?

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At 2:31 PM, Blogger BritDems UnitedRaces said...

@mrsslim______________You said: "China and Russia will have to join forces or the whole World will be in the hands of a few totally immoral beings who will care nothing about the rest of us."--------------------------Response: Interesting thoughts. China (IC5) and Russia (IC1, IC2 and IC6) cannot and will not join forces because of the developing Racial divisions but these Racial divisions will strengthen moral values world wide. Study the "European Racial Partition" map of Europe. Does it make sense to you?--------------------------Now is the time to;_____________ 1. Know yourself.____________ 2. Know your Racial Codes.___________3. Know your place and get in line.-------------------- @mrsslim______________You said: "This will be used to justify a pre-emptive strike against Iran." -------------------------Response: Under normal conditions you would be perfectly correct. The only reason this will not happen is the magnitude of the "WHITE DEFICIT". The world is changing. GOD IS WHITE, ISLAM IS DEAD but we can still save the Arabs. What are your Racial Codes?



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