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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

French satire magazine takes on Innocence of Muslims; French Muslims call for decapitating the Jews

Remember Charlie Hebdo, the French satire magazine that was going to be edited by Mohamed last year? Well, they're back with the cover at top left, which satirizes the recent uproar over the film Innocence of Muslims.
A French satirical magazine published nude cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed yesterday, a move that could further inflame tensions after deadly protests in the Muslim world over an anti-Islam film.

The cover of Charlie Hebdo shows a Muslim in a wheelchair being pushed by an Orthodox Jew under the title "Intouchables 2", referring to an award-winning French film about a poor black man who helps an aristocratic quadriplegic.

And a cartoon on the back page shows a naked, turbaned Mohammed baring his bottom to a film director, a scene inspired by a 1963 film starring Brigitte Bardot.
As you might imagine, the Muslims are seething.
France has stepped up security at its embassies in countries where there could be a hostile reaction to the cartoons, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said last night. French schools and embassies in about 20 countries will close on Friday - protests in the Islamic world usually follow Friday prayers.

"I have obviously issued instructions so that special security measures are taken in all the countries where this could pose a problem," Mr Fabius said, admitting that he was "concerned" by the potential for a backlash.

Charlie Hebdo's latest move was greeted with immediate calls from political and religious leaders for the media to act responsibly and avoid inflaming the situation.

The editor, originally a cartoonist who uses the name Charb, denied he was being deliberately provocative at a delicate time.

"The freedom of the press, is that a provocation?" Charb asked. "I'm not asking strict Muslims to read Charlie Hebdo, just like I wouldn't go to a mosque to listen to speeches that go against everything I believe."

Dalil Boubakeur, the senior cleric at Paris's biggest mosque, appealed for France's four million Muslims to remain calm.

"It is with astonishment, sadness and concern that I have learned that this publication is risking increasing the current outrage across the Muslim world," he said. "I would appeal to them not to pour oil on the fire."
I guess we can't all just get along. But we knew that.

But that's not enough for French Muslims. They have taken to the streets of Paris, calling for decapitating the Jews as if Charlie Hebdo is Jewish - as far as I know he is not.

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: MFS - The Other News).

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At 8:42 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

The publication is far left, anarchist, according to Wikipedia. And the editor is Stephane Charbonnier... Nothing says he is Jewish. I think a lot of people around the world are getting sick of this. *Everyone* gets mocked, and the responibility of the planetary citizen, if something "offends", is to turn it off, click away, walk out, change the channel, or close the eyes and plug the ears. Seriously, people, the brownshirts in the U.S. are in place to round up the unconnected offenders (who can't get a waiver), as they did to that guy in L.A. Just like Herbert Marcuse told us would happen.

At 12:18 AM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

In fact Charlie Hebdo proudly printed the cartoons of 'Sine' in 2008 which were gutter trash antisemitism and when called upon to apologize he retorted "I'd rather cut my own balls off!"

So Charlie Hebdo and the Muslims can all butcher one another to the last one standing and whomever's left will of course blame it on the Jews.


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