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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Yasser Arafat was a vicious, bloodthirsty homosexual

Five years ago, I posted a video in which Yasser Arafat's personal physician testified that he died of AIDS (the video was taken down by YouTube, but it was posted on Daily Motion and it's saved to my laptop just in case). Many of you have seen the description of one of Arafat's trysts by Ian Pacepa, a Romanian defector.

Lenny Ben David says it's time for the 'Palestinians' to forget Arafat. In the process, he enlightens us with a couple more stories of Arafat's penchant for violence and homosexuality.
In an in-depth 1976 biography of Arafat, writer Thomas Kiernan chronicled the life of a young Arafat in Cairo. When Arafat discovered his girlfriend, Jinan al-Oraby, was friendly with the daughters of the Harkabis, an Egyptian Jewish family, he arranged for the murder of their father. When Jinan expressed sorrow for her friends, “Yasser went into a rage… he proceeded to beat me, tearing my clothes off…he threw himself on me… He tried to penetrate me, but he could not do so. This made him even more irrational.”

Kiernan also relates Arafat’s relationship with a boy, Ahmed, whose parents ended up on the Israeli side of the border after the 1948 war. An associate of Arafat’s related, “Yasser tried to get the boy to publicly denounce his parents…Yasser really loved the boy. He was delicate, sensitive, like a flower. He was very much a part of Yasser’s inner circle – four of five boys who lived in the same place, and well, you can imagine what I mean.”

Kiernan continued: Arafat held a “kind of formal hearing for the boy” because of his refusal to denounce his parents. “Arafat sobbed and sobbed as [a young associate] proceeded to castrate the boy. The next day the boy was dead.”
Sick. Just sick.

Read the whole thing.

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