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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Police chief who called 'settlers' 'sh**s' and said he hoped they'd burn during Gaza expulsion taking forced leave

Jerusalem police chief Nisso Shaham, who commanded the police during the Gaza expulsion, and famously called the revenants 's*its' and said that he hoped they'd burn, has been placed on a forced leave of absence after being charged with sexually assaulting a policewoman. The nature of the charges against Shaham was not disclosed until he went on the leave.
Jerusalem police chief Nisso Shaham took a forced administrative leave starting on Thursday morning, following reports of sexual assault against a policewoman. The Justice Ministry’s Police Investigations Department said Shaham was questioned yesterday on suspicion of sexual harassment, indecent assault, and illicit sexual relations after an undercover investigation.

Dept. Commander Nissim Edri, the head of the Zion precinct, was also placed on administrative leave on the suspicion that he was aware of Shaham’s actions and did not take appropriate action as required by law.

The contents of the investigation are still under a partial media gag order.


Nisso Shaham was appointed Jerusalem district chief in May 2011, and during the past year he has focused his efforts in haredi neighborhoods. Some of his major victories include ensuring that Egged buses can pass through Mea Shaarim and that sidewalks are not separated by gender during Sukkot.

Shaham captured headlines in 2005 when he was the Negev District Chief during the disengagement from Gaza. Shaham was filmed saying that the settlers in Kfar Maimon “should all burn, those [expletive] settlers.”
What a nice guy. Here's hoping he gets to enjoy retirement in Maaseyahu (one of the major prisons).

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At 4:17 PM, Blogger HaDaR said...

The fact remains that such a low-life has been chosen to be Jerusalem's chief of police, by the current minister of police under current prime minister pipi zig-zag-yahoo.
Another low-life chosen by low-lives


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