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Monday, May 14, 2012

OMG: J Street field director admits that their 'job' is to 'move' American Jews to the Left on Israel

If you still believe that J Street is 'pro-Israel, pro-peace' this video might change your mind.

J Street claims to represent the views of American Jews in Washington. In this video (posted online, for some reason) J Street Field Director Carinne Luck suggests the opposite. J Street's real job, she says, is to "move American Jews" to the left on Israel to support J Streets Washington allies.

Let's go to the videotape (note - J Street got the video removed from YouTube - it's been posted to LiveLeak and I have re-embedded it here).

See the whole video online at http://vimeo.com/27581799 (unfortunately, the full video at Vimeo seems to have gone private. I could not access it).

Still think they're pro-Israel? I didn't think so.

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