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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Knesset Law Committee Chairman calls for removal of 'Israeli Arab' judge who would not sing national anthem

Knesset Law Committee Chairman David Rotem has called for the removal of 'Israeli Arab' Supreme Court Justice Salim Joubran after Joubran refused to participate in singing Israel's National Anthem at the conclusion of the installation ceremony for new Supreme Court Chief Justice Asher Grunis. Joubran's silence was shown on live television by Israel's Channel 2 (I have not found the video yet) according to Israel Radio.
A number of MKs from the right wing spoke out against Joubran’s silence during the swearing in of new Supreme Court President Asher Grunis, with Likud’s Tzipi Hotovely saying that such actions are what cause the Supreme Court to lose its status in the eyes of the public.

Yisrael Beiteinu MK David Rotem, who heads the Knesset’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, said he would turn to Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman and act to remove Joubran from his chair.

Earlier in the year, MK Michael Ben-Ari pushed to legislate a law which would make army or national service a mandatory criteria for being appointed as a judge in the Supreme Court.

The law was nicknamed the “Joubran law,” and Ben-Ari said on Tuesday evening that Joubran’s silence during the anthem was proof of its necessity. “Who ever doesn’t like the anthem can leave,” he said. “I promise I won’t beg him to stay.”
Rabbi Meir Kahane warned that this would happen. But no one wanted to listen. Instead, Kahane was branded a racist and a terrorist. And Joubran is not a racist?

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At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is silly. Why should any non-Jew be expected to sing the words "Nefesh Yehudi Homiyah" - "a Jewish soul still yearns"? It wasn't written for them.

The real issue is friend or foe. Israeli Arabs are a very mixed bunch. In recent years, a great proportion of them, perhaps a majority, have shown themselves to be a danger and traitorous to the Jewish State.

That is the problem - not singing someone else's tune.

Personally, I myself will not sing the Hatikvah until the secular powers that be restore the 2 lines of original lyrics' refrain, as composed by Naphtali Herz Imber himself:

"To return to the land of our fathers,
The city where David encamped."


At 12:20 PM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...

Shy Guy,

That's exactly why I linked to the Kahane - Olmert video. One of the points Kahane made was that to expect an 'Israeli Arab' to sing HaTikva (and he specifically mentioned it) is unrealistic.

And it is.

Perhaps we need to rethink some of our basic assumptions if we really want to have a Jewish state.


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