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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Syria recalls ambassador to the US

Syria has suddenly ended the term of its ambassador to the United States, Imad Mustapha. For now, at least, no replacement is being sent and no explanation has been given.
The ambassador's deputy informed Washington of the surprising decision on Tuesday night.

American Ambassador Robert Ford, who has been accused by the Syrian government of intervening in the country's internal issues and stirring up local opposition, returned to Damascus in early December after leaving the Syrian capital following death threats.

The Syrians may be trying to protest his return by recalling their own ambassador.

In addition, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with seven exiled Syrian opposition members during a visit to Geneva recently, for the second time since the Obama Administration called on President Bashar Assad to step down.


Moustafa, a friend of Assad, was sworn in in 2004 and was said to be the most outcast ambassador in Washington throughout his term.

The Americans even accused Moustafa recently of persecuting Syrian nationals living in the US, who are affiliated with the opposition to the Assad regime.

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