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Friday, December 16, 2011

Kerry calls for US funding to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-Ma) is in Egypt where he has been sucking up to the Muslim Brotherhood. With the US already $15 trillion in debt, Kerry wants the International Monetary Fund - for which the US provides the largest piece of the budget - to finance the Muslim Brotherhood's takeover of Egypt.
In addition to praising the Brotherhood’s election as a model of transparency and integrity, Sen. Kerry also called for an infusion of cash from the International Monetary Fund to undergird Egypt’s new Islamist government.

The United States, though over $15 trillion in debt, is the leading contributor-nation to the IMF, providing close to a fifth of its funding. That is about three times as much as second-place Japan, more than four times as much as China, more than six times as much as the leading Islamist country (Saudi Arabia), and more than the combined contributions of the three top European donors — Germany, Britain and France. (See Wikipedia Table, here.) Consequently, a cash infusion by the IMF to the Brotherhood-led Egyptian government would be a redistribution of wealth from American taxpayers to Islamists whose goal is to conquer American taxpayers — assuming, of course, there is any money left in the IMF after the Obama administration gets done using it as the device through which tapped out American taxpayers bail out, at least temporarily, Europe’s collapsing experiment in trans-continental socialism.

Ironically, Kerry’s overtures and pledge of support to the Brotherhood come only a few days after a federal appeals court upheld the convictions of five top Brotherhood operatives in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial, the Justice Department’s most significant terrorism support conspiracy prosecution in recent years. As the proof overwhelming demonstrated, the Brotherhood, through its American affiliates, channeled millions of dollars to Hamas to support terror operations against Israel. Hamas is the Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch, and underwriting its campaign to destroy Israel has long been a top priority for the Brotherhood’s satellite organizations in the West — many of which were designated “unindicted coconspirators” by the Justice Department in the HLF case, and shown by the evidence to have abetted the Hamas-support scheme.
What could go wrong?

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At 2:49 PM, Blogger Richard said...

This doesn't surprise me at all...Remember how Kerry capitulated while serving in the Vietnam War.
His LIBERAL, SOCIALISTIC, LEFT-WING ideas run deep within him and are completely ingrained to the very fiber of his bones.
He & his other left-wingers decided after the 1968 Democratic Convention ( when they rioted & lost their momentum, briefly ), that they would work from within the legislative branch of the U.S. govt. ( by winning govt. seats around the country )& when the time was right, they would take the leap to the presidency to change the country to their way of thinking.
That time came in 2008 when the
" perfect left-wing storm " brewed & the mindless, sleeping, non-caring U.S. constituents followed the " one " who promised to " fundamentally change the U.S. forever ", ( MOST didn't even realize what FUNDAMENTALLY
meant)& out of all the lies he has told since winning,
" Obamanation " has certainly kept this one.
He has changed the country & NOT for the better.
He & his cohorts can deny until heck freezes over, ( but their actions tell the truth ) that they are pro-Muslim.
Kerry is sending the Muslim Brotherhood the CLEAR message that the prez is behind them 100 %. The prez was determined to undermine P.M. Netanyahu & Israel (& the U.S.) at all costs....in the form of ousting Mubarak from Egypt, by funding & supporting the protestors, then moving on to one Arab country after another.
It is no coincedence that each Arab regime was replaced with the MB...this was well-planned & well-funded by outsiders & the U.S. included).
Look at what Hillary Clinton just admitted PUBLICALLY last week about the U.S. FUNDING the protestors in Russia to interfere with their elections.
The " Obamanation " team ( along with George Soros & Bill Clinton's good friend) also tried to topple P.M. Netanyahu this past summer with the " social justice " movement, but thanks to the
P.M.'s astuteness & political savvy, they were stopped dead in their tracks. This didn't make them happy, so it was full steam ahead to finish off the rest of the countries surrounding Israel, & NOW with the U.S. handing Iraq over to the MB ( & believe me, it will be theirs, soon )& the prez's REFUSAL to stop Iran, the Middle East is more of a powder keg with each passing second.
It makes me ashamed of the travesty " Obamanation " has turned the presidency into.
My urgent plea to P.M. Netanyahu & his coalition is to NEVER SHARE ANY PLANS ( military or govt.) with the U.S. ( any dept. )EVER AGAIN, until the presidency is put back into legitimate & proper hands....i.e. ANOTHER PRESIDENT...one who is a TRUE FRIEND of the P.M. 's & Israel !!!
Shabbat Shalom !!!


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