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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The most hostile country in the European Union

If you had asked me who is the most hostile country to Israel in the European Union, I would have bet on Sweden. Maybe France. But it's neither of those. Two and a half years ago, my friend Dymphna posted a lengthy post about anti-Semitism in Ireland. And since then it has only gotten worse.
An outrageous anti-Israel display was held over the weekend on Dublin's main pedestrian street, presenting IDF soldiers as Nazi troops.

As part of the display, sponsored by the Dublin City Council, a group of pro-Palestinian activists set up a model of the separation fence and an IDF roadblock.

The activists dressed up as soldiers and beat, humiliated and pointed their weapons at other activists dressed as Palestinians, in front of thousands of Irish citizens and tourists.

The display joins accusations voiced against Israel at the Irish parliament last week, on the backdrop of claims that Israel "kidnapped", abused and undressed Irish nationals who took part in a Gaza-bound flotilla stopped by the Israeli army recently.

Israel has strongly denied the accusations.

But that's not all. A Facebook group launched about two months ago called for heavy rocks to be thrown at the Israeli Embassy building in Dublin. Anti-Israel elements recently vandalized a Dublin auditorium slated to host a concert by Israeli singer Izhar Ashdot.

The Facebook accounts of Israeli Embassy officials have been attacked by Irish hackers and, in addition, anti-Israeli elements are attempting to disrupt an Israeli film festival organized by the embassy in Dublin next week.

"The Irish government is feeding its people with anti-Israel hatred," an Israeli official argued. "What we are seeing here is clear anti-Semitism."
Another country to cross off your summer vacation list. Dymphna reports that Ireland has a long history of this kind of behavior.
When you read these awful Israel-condemning debates in the Irish Senate, remember that Ireland is a country that was neutral during the Holocaust, that sent condolences to Germany on the death of Hitler, and that refused to allow almost any Jewish refugees in, either before, during or after the war. I don’t at all think the Irish politicians are anti-semitic. Rather, they have a range of trendy reasons for their views. But I think Ireland - like most of Europe - should shut up about Jews for a few hundred years.

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At 3:00 AM, Blogger Sunlight said...

This is how it goes in Europe. The anti-semites (unfortunately a big bunch of people) try to drum up trouble for the Jews. The techies, who know these people are idiots and neanderthals, sit silent and maybe help the idiots if they can without being outed. And why, you may ask? Because the techies are envious, competitive, and covetous of Israel's tech success. They look for ways to cut Israel's performance down, since they are wimps (mainly for not shouting down the anti-semites in their midst)and petty and can't prevail technologically through their achievement. Losers.

At 11:00 AM, Blogger Trumpeldor said...

The Jew Michael Dell should close down his computer factories in Lilmerick !

At 11:04 PM, Blogger Mark Humphrys said...

Hi Carl
I am the pro-Israel Irish blogger linked by (my cousin) Dymphna above. I know your great site and link to you myself a few times.

I thought I would make one correction to Ynetnews. Ireland is indeed full of anti-Israel sentiment, but Dublin City Council did not sponsor this protest.

This was a protest by the "Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign" and no one else. Photos and video of it are here. While offensive, it was not very big. And I did not see Nazi uniforms either - though comparisons to the Nazis are routine at these events. We even had a Presidential candidate front-runner who compared Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto.

As to whether Ireland is the most anti-Israel place in Europe, I don't know. Anti-Israel sentiment is found among Irish politicians of all parties. See in particular Ireland's hysterical reaction to the Gaza flotilla clash last year. And we just elected the most anti-Israel head of state in the western world. His opponents never even mentioned his history of one-sided attacks on Israel. (Maybe they thought there were no votes in it.) But is Ireland the worst country in Europe? Who knows. These stupid ideas are all over the West.

All the best

At 9:13 PM, Blogger Sean said...

Ireland was not neutral during the Holocaust. They were neutral during WWII. So were Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. The people of Ireland probably had very little knowledge of the Holocaust.

A facebook group encouraging people to throw heavy rocks at the Israeli embassy? As opposed to light rocks? Show a link. Where is the proof that Irish hackers tried to hack facebook pages?

A Dublin auditorium was vandalized by Anti-Israelis? That's the best you can do. Have you ever been to Dublin? There is graffiti and vandalism all over the place. What was the nature of the vandalism? Was it specifically anti-Semitic? If so, how do we know it wasn't the work of Jews, like so many instances of "anti-Semitic" vandalism here in the States.

Israel so badly wants to be the victim of an international anti-Semitic conspiracy. With zero evidence Israeli officials claimed the Ofra checkpoint sniper was an IRA gunman. How/Why did they even come to that conclusion? Israeli assassins used counterfeit Irish passports to do their dirty work.

But No, it's the Irish government that is anti-Semitic!

At 10:18 PM, Blogger Mark Humphrys said...

I notice the Ofra sniper was glorified in Ireland though: Indymedia Ireland glorifies him, even though he killed civilians (Sergei Birmov, 33, Vadim Balagula, 32, and Didi Yitzhak, 66).

By the way, Indymedia Ireland lies that he did not want to kill civilians.

They also embed a video from some anonymous Irish jihad-lover who tells the sniper's family they should be proud of him.

At 2:31 PM, Blogger Sean said...

First off, I don't see any glorification of the incident, and maybe 1 comment that could be considered support for the sniper. Unlike the IDF spokesman who immediately without any evidence tried to link the shooting to the Irish, Indymedia isn't a mouthpiece for the ROI.

Civilians are also killed by the IDF.




Now I am confused as to which European country is the most anti-Semitic. What evil country will it be next week?

Will Israel never tire of being the perpetual victim?

Israel has one of the most powerful militaries in the world and nuclear weapons but they are worried about perceived anti-Semitism in Ireland! Ireland, one of the few European countries that has not invaded it's neighbor populated by a people who were also the victim of genocide? That's the country Israel is now afraid of?

At 4:21 PM, Blogger Mark Humphrys said...

"I don't see any glorification of the incident"

Oh really? "this extraordinary sharpshooter" .. "this singular action" .. "armed with an old WW2 M1 rifle" .. "Incredibly, the marksman’s 25 single shots, fired over 25 minutes, killed seven Israeli reservists and three settlers." .. "after stealing away as his family slept and breaking the brunt of his journey through rough terrain and hills on horseback" .. "Thaer Hamad, fondly and proudly known as "The Sniper" throughout Palestine" .. "is now serving multiple life sentences for his resistance to the Israeli occupation of his land".

He's made out to be a hero. Not to mention the pro-jihad Irishman in the video who tells the sniper's family they should be proud of him.

You brought up the Ofra sniper. I remembered that sick Indymedia page on him. Those attitudes (support for Islamic jihad terror) are all too common in Ireland.

Why are you even here? You are just an example of the one-sided anti-Israel attitudes in Ireland that I write about.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger Sean said...

How do the terms, "this singular action", "armed with an old WW2 M1 rifle""after stealing away" glorify the incident? Considering how the Israeli's are constantly touting their military prowess, it's an incredible story. The guy "is fondly and proudly known as the sniper throughout Palestine'. The writer of the article didn't dub him that, they just reported on it.

Again Indymedia is not the voice of the Irish government, it's not even originally Irish. It's out of the states. I guess next week we will see an article claiming the US is the most anti-Semitic country in North America.

How can I be an example of anti-Israel attitude in Ireland when I am in the States? At least you seem to recognize a difference between anti-Israel and anti-Semitic.

Unlike Israel, Ireland doesn't spy on the US.

I've been to both Ireland and Israel, though. I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood. One of my friends converted to Orthodox Judaism and I went to Israel for the wedding. It was a real eye opener, I got to see the anti-Palestinian racism first hand.

At 4:11 PM, Blogger Mark Humphrys said...

I did not know you were American. I assumed you were Irish because of your name and because you were so defensive of Ireland. Thanks for clearing that up.

I am Irish, and I live in Ireland, and anti-Israel prejudice is everywhere here. Appallingly, we now have the most anti-Israel head of state in the western world. Israel is right to be worried about us.

I think it is tasteless of you to describe a Fatah terrorist who targets innocent civilians as "an incredible story". How do you think the families of the civilians Sergei Birmov, Vadim Balagula and Didi Yitzhak would feel reading your comments? The article glorifies their killer and so it seems do you.

At 5:03 PM, Blogger Sean said...

Incredible as in the definition...."too extraordinary and improbable to be believed". Does not mean it is good or bad, right or wrong, or that I am in favor of or against. Especially when one takes into account the reputation of the Israeli military and security apparatus, I would describe the incident as incredible.

Also, I mentioned that story because of the immediate (and laughable) accusation by an Israeli official that the shooter was with the IRA. No evidence, just an accusation designed to plant the seed the Irish are somehow involved in an international conspiracy against the Israelis.
(As an aside, another good fabrication was the one told by a British military authority that the IRA was teaching bomb making techniques to Iranians to use against the British in Iraq! Get it? A country that is supposedly on the cusp of developing a nuclear weapon needs to recruit the IRA to teach them how to make bombs.)

Then there is the incident of the forged Irish passports. Again, trying to implicate the Irish in something they had nothing to do with. Instead of worrying about anti-Israeli sentiment in Ireland maybe you should be worried about the anti-Irish sentiment of the Israelis. They have made it clear by their actions. They are no friend of Ireland.

The US is the place where the Irish are more Irish than the Irish and the Jews more Jewish than the Israelis.

As I've demonstrated, the most anti-Semitic country in Europe seems to change weekly. Israel is probably the most powerful country in the Middle East, people are starting to realize that, so they have to go to great and greater lengths to be able to play the victim card. Quite frankly I am weary of it.


At 5:38 PM, Blogger Sean said...

This just in....This weeks most anti-Semitic country is....


Yes, Iceland!Not because they have done anything against Israel or Jews but because they have had the audacity to recognize Palestine.


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