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Thursday, September 01, 2011

After 66 years, Goebbels' secretary testifies she typed order to wipe out Jews of Berlin

After 66 years of silence, 100-year old Brunhilde Pomsel, secretary to Joseph Goebbels, admits typing up an order to wipe out the Jews of Berlin (link in French).

Here's a Google translation:
After 66 years of silence, Brunhilde Pomsel, the secretary of Joseph Goebbels, the Propaganda Minister of Hitler, finally speaks. Aged 100, she gave an interview to Bild in which she states, among others, have taken note of the order to murder the Jews of Berlin.
This may seem like a minor blip on the radar chart, but in an age full of Holocaust deniers and in which most of the protagonists are dead or dying, this sort of eyewitness evidence is important.


Yisrael Medad has a further quote from her which leaves the admission intact but tries to absolve herself.
'I didn't know about the Holocaust. I was a stupid, politically uninterested little sausage of simple means. I only learned about the Jewish extermination programme after the war. Goebbels never mentioned it in his correspondence.
Didn't know? Oh come now....

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At 10:55 PM, Blogger Captain.H said...

Don't you know that NOBODY in WW2 Germany knew anything about the concentration camps and the on-going Holocaust? Just like in WW2 France, where, after the war, EVERYBODY was suddenly a member of the Resistance and NOBODY a Vichy collaborator.

By coincidence, I happened to watch the classic movie "Judgment at Nuremburg" last night. It ought to be required viewing in all Western democracies' high schools, with post-movie classroom discussion. Nobody knew anything, everybody was powerless, all government officials were only following orders, "We were *forced* to join the Party", etc. ad nauseum.

There've also been a few programs on the History Channel in which Trudl, somebody-or-other, Hitler's principal secretary was interviewed as part of the program. She worked for Hitler right till the end, in the bunker. She wasn't called to account by interviewers either. From everything I've read, nobody would get to be a secretary of Hitler, Goebbels, or any of the other top Nazis without being thoroughly vetted. "Aryan" family background, "correct" political views and "patriotic" attitude, Nazi Party membership, etc. In other words, good little Nazis.

At 8:06 PM, Blogger Karen Liebreich said...

I interviewed Brunhilde Pomsel in 1991 for a BBC TV documentary. So, among other comments, it was certainly not the first time she "broke her silence" since the war.


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