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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Suggestions for the intrepid Gaza cruise director

The best part about a cruise is the shore excursions. I don't know whether the flotilla of fools has an activities coordinator who is planning their shore excursions, but here are some places where the passengers on the flotilla might want to spend some time if they ever get to Gaza. I'm sure many of the needy people in Gaza hang out at these places. Maybe the cruise passengers can even take bags of humanitarian aid with them and hand them out to needy Gazans whom they see in the streets. Of course, any such activities would first have to be coordinated with Hamas.

Gaza City's Grand Palace Hotel

The Grand Palace Hotel is located right in the heart of downtown Gaza City. It's a small, intimate, cozy place and I'm sure they'd be happy to take in a few of the flotilla passengers - if they have the room for them.

The Gaza Mall

This is last year's Gaza mall, which is kind of passe considering that a new mall is to be opened next month. But maybe this is one is still worth a visit anyway.

Mother Lauren's Grocery Store

I'm sure that the the Gazan flotilla passengers will find many starving Gazans outside Lauren Booth's favorite grocery store. In fact, maybe they can even bring along some food for the store to sell - at much higher prices of course.

The passengers should also bring along lots of pictures of Lauren in her hijab so that the Gazan kids will have a living hero to worship.

Gaza Riding Club

Horseback riding would be a great activity for flotilla passengers looking for a change of pace.

Gaza Olympic Swimming Pool

After they finish horseback riding, flotilla passengers can cool off in Gaza's olympic swimming pool.

Or in its water park.

Oops - sorry. Hamas didn't like that one.

But there's a new water park in Khan Yunis, and I heard they have something called the 'tunnel tours' nearby.

There are many more activities for the intrepid cruise director here (Hat Tip: Shy Guy). Make sure to check them all out.

What could go wrong?



At 2:53 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

Thank you! Have re blogged with all credits!

At 10:05 PM, Blogger mrzee said...

I'd prefer after they reach land, they all spend their time at the Russian Compund.


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