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Friday, January 21, 2011

Qrei decries Israeli 'paranoia'

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni's bald friend, Ahmad Qrei Abu Ala, gave a two-hour harangue at Tel Aviv University on Thursday, in which he decried, among other things, Israel's 'paranoia.'
Qurei apologized to the listeners if some of his remarks sounded harsh, but he said he wanted them to understand how Palestinians perceived Israelis, in hopes that it would lead to better understanding between the two peoples.

“I’m not talking to criticize,” he said. “I am telling you how the Palestinians look in the mirror and see their neighbor. The Israeli is perceived as a brutal soldier,” Qurei said.

“It is the image of one who looks down [on us]... The image of one who has no respect for our national aspiration and determination to achieve it, one who is imprisoned by his own vision as an eternal and only victim,” he said.

“Palestinians are often surprised and saddened by the Israeli society’s indifference to the constant suffering of the Palestinian people,” Qurei said.

“We often wonder how can a society that belongs to the developed world, with all its scientific, economic and military achievement, be so indifferent toward the suffering of the victims and be capable of turning a blind eye or shrinking responsibility for the agony and the pain of the Palestinians,” he said.

Unfortunately, he said, the Palestinian image of an Israeli is that of a killer of sons, husbands and wives, a soldier who is armed and arrogant and whose finger is always on the trigger.

“How can a state after 62 years of establishment and in spite of its tremendous military, economic and scientific superiority continue to live in a constant state of paranoia?” Qurei asked.

“How can a multi-ethnic, pluralistic, open, question-oriented society be infected by self-inflicted isolation coupled with symptoms of fundamentalism and racial discrimination?” he asked.

“How can they [Israelis] remain passive, how can their collective consciousness remain silent, when they see images of a woman of 80 years old being evicted from her home in Sheikh Jarrah?” he asked.

He continued to question how Israelis could accept the “looting and seizing” of West Bank Palestinian land, the construction of the “apartheid separation wall, the uprooting of trees and the arrest and torture of Palestinians.”

Qurei wanted to know how these events could take place in the era of live television, with broadcasting that transcends borders.

Israel is the “last colonial power in the post-colonial era,” he said.
Oh, I don't know. Let's start with the continuing incitement to destroy the State of Israel (and expel all its Jews) that is daily fare in the 'Palestinian' media. Let's continue with the obsession with Israel at the UN where over 120 countries(!) agreed this week to sponsor an anti-Israel resolution in the Security Council (when was the last time 120 countries agreed on anything?). Let's continue with the UN 'Human Rights' Council, whose obsession with Israel is boundless, and which has a separate agenda item for Israel, while finding nothing to criticize in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Cuba and other paragons of human rights. Let's continue with Iran's stated and continuing obsession with destroying the Jewish state. Let's continue with the 'Palestinians' refusal to accept Israel as a Jewish state. Let's continue with the 'Palestinians' murdering over 1,000 Jews between 2000 and 2004 shortly after they were offered a reichlet that would have threatened Israel and they turned it down! Do I need to go on?

By the way, could any Jewish Israeli politician speak at a 'Palestinian' university, the way Abu Bald spoke at Tel Aviv University on Thursday, and say things that the 'Palestinians' wouldn't like to hear, without endangering his or her life? (Answer: No).

It's not paranoia when they really are out to get you. And this mamzer has a hell of a nerve to lecture us about it.

'Constant suffering'? What a load of horse manure.

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At 4:48 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

If the Palestinians really wanted statehood, nothing is keeping them from ending the "occupation" today by making peace with Israel.

But that would lead to the end of world interest in them. Its so much better to pose as the eternal victim of Jewish perfidy. So much better for all the Palestinian Abu Alaas.

What could go wrong indeed


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