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Friday, January 21, 2011

Introducing the McFalafel

Boy do we live in weird times. McDonald's is introducing the McFalafel.

“The McFalafel is another one of our products which has been adjusted to the Israeli taste, joining the Iraqi pita bread series which also include McKebab” said McDonald’s Israel CEO Omri Padan. The McFalafel is your basic falafel, fried in canola oil and topped with tahini and chopped salad. At just under 500 calories, it “meets the standards of wise nutrition which have been promoted by McDonald’s since 2003″, according to Padan.

“Israelis’ tastes lean toward healthier foods. In Israel, the preferred toppings on hamburgers are vegetables, whereas in other countries people choose cheese and bacon. The fat content in the meat sold in McDonald’s’ North American restaurants is 20-24%; here it will be 9%,” said Padan in an interview with the Jerusalem Post last May.

To give you an example of the difference between McDonald’s in Israel versus the United States, in Israel, a Big Mac has just 380 calories, about 30 percent less than in the States.

While not all McDonald’s in Israel are completely kosher, most adhere to “kosher style”. That said, while the meat is 100 percent kosher, it may be possible to finagle your way into obtaining a not-so-secret hidden menu item, the cheeseburger.

In terms of cost, three pieces of falafel with tahini will be NIS 10 (around $2.80) , and NIS 16.90 (around $4.80) for five pieces with tahini.
No, I don't plan to go there to try it. Aside from the fact that I am not aware of a McDonald's with a Kosher certification I would trust (in Jerusalem, they've been fighting with the rabbinate forever), NIS 10 for three falafel balls is outrageous.

But they're just in time for McFebruary.

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At 5:41 AM, OpenID Shlomo said...

The McD in Ra'anana has a kosher certification from the local town rabbinate ... and their (probably dairy) ice creams/desserts have to be purchased at a separate booth one floor down from the main restaurant. According to my then 10-year sold who was dying to finally be able to try a Bic Mac, they taste terrible in comparison to a burger from Kosher Delight.

At 5:55 AM, Blogger BH in Iowa said...

Middle Eastern food in a Mc Donalds would be even worse than a Chilis in Mexico. This cannot end well.

At 4:44 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Iraqi street pita bread with falafel and fries and drink would be the better value.

McDonalds Israel unfortunately is up against falafel street vendors and they are on nearly every street corner in Israel. The falafel is the Israeli equivalent of the American hamburger: cheap and nutritious fast food.


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