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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Iran claims to have downed two US drones

Iran claims to have shot down two American unmanned aerial vehicles (the picture is an Israeli Heron and not an American UAV) outside of Iran's borders.
Iran said Sunday that the two US pilotless spy planes that it claimed to have shot down were hit outside of Iran's air space, a local news agency reported.

The semi-official Fars news agency quoted Gen. Gholam Ali Rashid, acting chief of the country's armed forces as saying "the planes were shot down outside of Iran's airspace."

Gen. Rashid did not say why Iran targeted the planes even though they weren't in the country's air space. He did say Iran has the remains of the planes in its possession.

On Saturday, Iran said it had determined the two aircraft were operated by the US after earlier this month announcing their downing.

The US Navy's 5th Fleet, which is based in the Gulf, said at the time that it had no reports of any aircraft downed recently.

Iran originally said the planes were violating its air space. It's not clear when they were downed but Iranian officials have hinted that they deliberately didn't make an announcement at the time to avoid tensions with the US.
Let's see the evidence. I don't believe this.

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At 11:31 PM, Blogger M Brueschke said...

The Iranians claim this stuff all the time but never show pieces with "Made in USA" or part serial numbers to the press.

When Serbia shot down the F-117 and NATO drones they showed off the pieces to the media and put the pieces in a museum.

When that drone went down over Afghanistan in '01 the Taliban showed it off, so where are these drones Tehran?

At 11:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be another act of war that iran has committed? They not only funded our [US] enemies in Iraq, but also sent operatives into Iraq to help them. And they are also doing it in Afghanistan. iran is so lucky we have a wimp as President and that the media and state dept. basically hamstrung President Bush during his time in office. I believe had it not been for that crazy report, that iran had stopped their nuclear weapons program Bush would have acted against iran.
The free nations of the world must band together and help the oppressed citizens of these despotic countries.


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