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Friday, March 12, 2010

US Presbyterians to call for end of State of Israel

Oh, but this isn't anti-Semitism. Not at all.

The document has yet to be published, but the church news service revealed it regurgitates the most specious anti-Israel canards. It even puts a footnote on the phrase "the right of Israel to exist."

It reads: "The phrase 'the right of Israel to exist' is a source of pain for some members of our study committee who are in solidarity with Palestinians, who feel that the creation of the state of Israel has denied them their inalienable human rights."

How to stop Israel's sins, in the mind of the Presbyterian special committee?

The U.S. ought to employ "the strategic use of influence and the withholding of financial and military aid in order to enforce Israel's compliance with international law and peacemaking efforts." Meaning tighten the screws on an ally until it stops defending itself from terrorism.

No similar tactics are recommended against anyone else in the region. Not against Hamas, which fires rockets at Israeli homes and schools. Not against Iran, which pursues nukes and dreams of erasing Israel. Not against Hezbollah.

As for the manifesto by Christian Palestinians known as Kairos Palestine, the news service said the panel endorsed its "emphasis on hope, love, nonviolence and reconciliation." Saying nothing of how the manifesto ridicules the notion of Palestinian terrorism by putting quotation marks on the word. For example: "The roots of 'terrorism' are in the human injustice committed and in the evil of the occupation. These must be removed if there be a sincere intention to remove 'terrorism.'"
Read the whole thing.

May the writers of this 'manifesto' rot in hell.


At 8:30 AM, Blogger Daniel434 said...

Yep, the US Presbytery is extremely anti-Semitic and I wonder if part of it is based on their 'replacement theology' for they cannot (according to their own beliefs) explain why or how Israel currently exists in the plan of God. I attended a local Presbyterian church only twice where my grandparents attend... and oh my.. let's just say that the 'pastor' claimed "the shema" was not meant for the Jews...

-daniel the goyim bible thumping fundamentalist baptist backwoods zionist

At 3:46 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Of course the reason the Presbyterians and other denominations (especially Church of God, Church of Christ, & Roman Catholicism) are grossly antisemitic is because of their replacement theology -- even though they don't call it "replacement theology," that's exactly what it is. It's incredibly unfortunate that CAMERA has chosen a replacement theology "Christian" as its "Christian" staffer, this is doing great damage, another example of how Jewish people hurt themselves by remaining clueless about who believes what in Christianity. (btw, most "Christians" in Israel are the replacement theology type, even though almost all Christian Zionists are not, go figure.)

At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daniel & Orde - do note that 'replacement theology' is also the driving force behind Islamist expansionism. They see their religious duty to eliminate or subjugate all other religions, something which is not often addressed in the media.

In my personal experience with Presbyterians they also tend to be extremely liberal and have openly gay clergy.

At 9:07 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

Maybe "presbyterian" means "islamic" in Greek - or something!?

I think Israel must ban these filthy hate-mongers.

No one would invite someone who hated them into their house, so why should Israel?

They don't have a church there so they can b#gger off!


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