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Friday, March 12, 2010

Would Israel shoot down a plane full of 'dignitaries'?

I'm sure you all recall the SS Moonbat, which the Israeli Navy kept away from Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. Now, ISM/Free Gaza 'organizer' Paul Larudee has a couple of new ideas. One of them involves trying to land a DC-3 in Gaza.
- Break the siege of Gaza by AIR. Fly an airplane into Gaza. DC3 airplanes don't need much flat land or road to land on. Harder to divert an airplane than a boat - especially if one or more famous people are on it. Takeoff location must be kept secret.

- Break the siege of Palestine (ie Israel) by coordinating the arrival on the same day into TEL AVIV airport of more than 100 Palestinians holding US and European passports. Alert the media. Bring things to show the media such as deeds to land, keys, old family photographs. Coordinate with local lawyers skilled at delaying deportation. Fly non-Israeli airlines, which are unlikely to cooperate with Israeli security by stopping the passengers.
I would not bet that the IAF will not divert that plane. Unless you have a pilot who is willing to commit suicide, the IAF should be able to force the plane down.

And the government will have no problems sending all those moonbats in the second plan back home however long it takes. Let's see the publicity hounds survive for a couple of days without their cell phones.

Read the whole thing.


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