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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Russia won't back 'crippling sanctions'

So much for Russia being on board for sanctions.
A week after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu returned from Moscow, where he publicly called for “crippling sanctions” and “sanctions with teeth” against Iranian energy exports and imports, Oleg Rozhkov, the deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s security and disarmament department, said that Moscow would not back “crippling or paralyzing” sanctions that could lead to the “political or economic or financial isolation” of Iran.

According to Reuters, Rozhkov – when asked by a reporter what sanctions Russia might support – replied, “Those that are directed at resolving nonproliferation questions linked to Iran’s nuclear program.

“What relation to nonproliferation is there in forbidding banking activities with Iran?” he asked. “This is a financial blockade. And oil and gas. These sanctions are aimed only at paralyzing the country and paralyzing the regime.”
What could go wrong?


At 10:29 PM, Blogger What is "Occupation" said...

Play the Arab old game by saying: "look at who benefits from the crime"

If Israel bombs Iran, OIL skyrockets...


If Israel threatens Iran and Iran needs more weapons...


At 12:33 AM, Blogger nomatter said...

Who ever thought Russia would anyway?

Russia is not on the side of Israel. Never has been. In actuality they are not on the side of U.S either for all the groveling done by U.S we see that has accomplished nothing. Of course seeing into someones soul is different then asinine diplomacy, Hah?

Russia plays the U.S. for suckers. We have been forewarned but I guess no one learns. Not to say no one thought this was coming...

On the other side all of Israel should be so pleased Russia along with the EU and UN are tight partners in the US led quartet for peace. (dictating to Israel at the cost of Israel and surely not for the sake of peace but appeasement) Who got to Bush on that one is the same guy who likes to fish half naked.

In the end both roads lead to appeasement. Both roads lead to weakness.


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