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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The truth about IKEA?

Shavua tov, a good week to everyone.

IKEA may have stores in Israel like this one in Netanya, but if the claims in a book recently published in Swedish are true, the Israeli stores don't make up for its founder's racism and Nazi-linked past.
Kamprad's former personal assistant, Stenebo reveals in a new book published in Sweden that the budget-furnishings monolith seems to have quite a few sordid secrets. The Truth About Ikea has yet to be translated into English, yet it's already sent ripples through the media, as Ikea fans learn that all may not be sunshine and meatballs at their favorite cheap, simple, eco-friendly big-box home-furnishings store.

Stenebo's position has given him amazing access to Kamprad, but he's not the first to question the furniture tycoon's morality. A journalist in 1994 threatened to expose Kamprad's adolescent membership in Nazi youth organizations. Kamprad addressed the matter publicly, apologizing to his Jewish employees and dismissing this revelation as a brief and foolish flirtation with Nazism. But it appears he may have been raising funds and recruiting members as late as September 1945, and he remained friends with a Swedish fascist politician through the 1950s.

And Kamprad's Nazi adventure may have been indicative of a deeper vein of racism. Stenebo says Ikea execs often refer to foreigners as "niggers" and deny them promotions. All of Ikea's top executives come from the same small region of Sweden as Kamprad, Stenebo alleges; he also characterizes Kamprad's heir apparent, Peter, as an "incompetent racist."
There's more too. Read the whole thing. It will make you think twice before shopping at IKEA again. Especially considering that the store is Swedish.


At 3:38 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

In view of Sweden's hostility to Israel, should Israelis really give the country the benefit of their patronage? They can send a message by not buying from IKEA.


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