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Friday, September 04, 2009

UNICEF routing donations through Bank Melli

UNICEF is back in the news today. It seems that the organization is raising money for operations in Iran and Gaza through Bank Melli. Bank Melli is an Iranian bank that is supposed to be subject to UN sanctions due to its nuclear proliferation activities.
Posted on the English-language Web site of UNICEF's Iran office is an invitation to make donations via Bank Melli. UNICEF includes the account number, 5005, and the location, at Bank Melli's Eskan branch in Tehran.

Nearby, on the same UNICEF site, is a link to an appeal by UNICEF's Iran office for donations for relief to Gaza, through the same Bank Melli Account ("key word: Gaza"). Gaza is controlled by a U.S.-designated terrorist group, Hamas. Dedicated to the destruction of Israel and hostile to the U.S., Hamas in recent years has been receiving training, funding and weapons from Iran.

In sum, UNICEF has been offering itself as a conduit for funds between terrorist-sponsoring, U.N.-sanctions-violating Iran and terrorist-controlled Gaza, via a bank that the U.N. itself has specifically flagged as prone to illicit nuclear proliferation activities.
Read the whole thing.


At 5:28 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

So much for international sanctions against Iran. UNICEF doesn't care. But we knew that already!


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