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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Send a fellow blogger on a free round trip to Israel

I just got an email from WebAds, which is one of the sponsors of the Second Annual JBloggers conference on September 13 in Jerusalem, at which I have been invited to speak on one of the panels. If you haven't signed up for the conference yet, please do and tell them that you want to come to hear me speak (really!).

Anyway, here's what the email says:
Now’s your chance to select a Jewish blogger who will be flying on a Nefesh B’Nefesh charter Aliyah flight on Monday, September 7, 2009 and attend the Second International Jewish Bloggers Convention.

Nominate your fellow blogger with the "Send a Friend" form on the JBloggers.org website and with a post on your blog, and be sure to read the terms and conditions on the site to make sure your entry qualifies.

If you want to try to get on the flight, get a fellow blogger to nominate you.


The terms are simple:

1. To nominate a fellow blogger, you must be registered to attend the convention
(in person or online).
2. The nominated blogger can be located in Israel or the U.S.
3. You must post on your blog who you nominated and why
(and obviously send us the information too).
4. The blogger you nominate does not need to be registered to attend the convention.
5. The nominated blogger must have a Jewish blog
(i.e. about Jews, Judaism, Israel, etc.).
6. The blogger who flies in will be linked up with an Oleh/Olah/Family, and must write a series of posts about that experience.
7. If you want to win, you must find a fellow blogger to nominate you.
8. You can nominate more than one blogger (but don’t go overboard).
9. All nominations must be in by Thursday, September 3, 2009.
10. The NBN flight to Israel is on Monday, Sept. 7, 2009.

Additional terms and conditions

1. The ticket is round-trip JFK-Israel.
2. No ground accommodations or any other expenses are included.
3. The winner will be selected by Nefesh B’Nefesh.

Act quickly!
I'd like to nominate the blogger who deserves to be at the JBloggers' convention more than anyone else. Quite simply, he's done more to promote Jewish blogging than any other blogger out there. He's not the blog with the most traffic, but he may be the most informative blog out there. He started the weekly Jewish blogging carnival Haveil Havalim and ran it single-handedly for more than three years. Every post he writes on his blog is full of links to other bloggers. He NEVER takes credit for finding a story himself when there's someone else out there on whose blog he's seen it. Even if he didn't use the information from the other blog, he'll always link the other blog, and usually even give them a quote. He puts a priority on helping and encouraging other bloggers.

All you Jewish bloggers out there know whom I'm talking about: Soccer Dad!

And besides, we go back more than thirty years, and I think it's been nearly that long since I last saw him (I was an adviser when he was a kid in a certain Orthodox youth group). We got back in touch through blogging.

And he's one of the nicest bloggers I know. Just an overall nice guy!

So the blogger I'd like to see get a free ticket to come to Israel for the JBloggers conference is Soccer Dad (I was disappointed when he didn't come last year).

Whom would you like to see at the conference and why? Go here to nominate someone.

P.S. Soccer Dad, If you need a place for Shabbos, you're welcome to stay by me.


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