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Monday, July 27, 2009

Iran's interpretation of Obama's policy

In The Corner, Michael Rubin quotes from an editorial in the conservative Iranian paper Kayhan (Supreme Leader Khamenei appoints the editor of Kayhan, and so its editorials are seen as mirroring the views of the Supreme Leader):
What punishments they threaten are to persuade Iran to come to the negotiation table, not in order to punish Iran after eventual failure of negotiations which they themselves know is neither realistic nor effective. For now the situation is this: that the Americans in a very impolite way and like uncivilized cowboys beg Iran to negotiate. Their imperialist nature has not yet taught them that begging someone to negotiate with has its own ways and shouting and screaming in a state of emergency can't be interpreted as a sign of strength. The final and returning point is...that they have no strategy, but only beg to negotiate. After the elections they for a couple of days wanted to speculate that something had changed in Iran and that they should use a different method, but not much time had passed after which they found out that the governments in Iran only execute the decisions of the Leader...
Rubin comments:
Obama is living in a bubble, completely ignorant of the fact that, however sincere his entreaties, they are emboldening Iranian retrenchment.
Unless Obama secretly wants Iran to get nuclear weapons so as to be able to (at least) threaten Israel.

By the way, the sentence I highlighted in the editorial is also spot-on.


At 3:04 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Iranians know the Americans better than the Americans know them. They grasp the Obama Administration doesn't have an Iran policy. What does Obama offer Iran they don't already have?



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