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Monday, October 16, 2006

Amarji - A Heretic's Blog: Israel and Syria: To talk or not to talk…

Amarji - A Heretic's Blog: Israel and Syria: To talk or not to talk…

Syrian blogger Amarji, now based in the United States, isn't very enthusiastic about Israel talking to Syria right now:
* It will very embarrassing for Israel and the international community to embrace Bashar now only to discover in a few months time, when Brammertz issues the final report, that he, or high-ranking members of the regime, are actually involved in the Hariri assassination. For this reason, it would make much more sense for all the actors involved, the Israelis, the Europeans and the Americans, to say that negotiations with Syria could indeed take place but only following the conclusion of the investigation and depending on its outcome and on how the Syrian regime chooses to conduct itself in the interim period, and after. This is a very reasonable position to assume, and it shows that the international community, not to mention Israel, is not willing to jeopardize and waylay an ongoing investigation by embracing a suspect regime.

For attempting to actually “kill” the Hariri investigation, or to manipulate it by watering down its final conclusions is destined to backfire as it will end up sidelining the last few liberal figures and movements in the region, and will serve as a further argument in the arsenal of extremist forces regarding the hypocrisy of the international community, and the US in particular for all its democracy rhetoric.

** People will be wrong to conclude that the Assads' apparent desire to negotiate with Israel denotes a willingness to break with their Iranian backers. On the contrary, talks with Israel will be closely monitored and coordinated with the Iranians, and will serve as another instrument in the hand of the Iranian leaders to weaken the emerging international alliance against their nuclear designs, and to prevent its consolidation, by allowing the Iranians leaders to cast themselves in the garb of regional peacemakers.
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At 6:29 AM, Blogger Douglas V. Gibbs said...

They (Islam) want to destroy Israel, but history shows that any nation that rises against Israel will receive a swift butt-whoopin'.

History, in the case of Israel's ability to defend herself, will always repeat itself. America is mighty mainly because of her support of Israel.

God Bless.


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