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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lebanon's ambassador to the US called back to Beirut

At Little Green Footballs. Charles Johnson reports that Lebanon's ambassador to the US was called back to Beirut overnight. It seems that the ambassador said something he wasn't supposed to say:

Lebanon’s Ambassador to the US Farid Abboud was summoned back to Beirut on Wednesday night after expressing his support for Hizbullah in the US media.

Abboud was reported as saying that Israel was the only one who could bring about the release of the kidnapped IDF soldiers by agreeing to negotiate with the movement via mediators.

Officials in Beirut stressed that Abboud’s view did not represent that of Lebanon, which is vehemently opposed to Hizbullah’s actions on Israel’s northern border.

The government statement is nonsense. Hezbullah is part of Lebanon's government and that government couldn't care less what kind of aggressive activities Hezbullah undertakes against Israel - so long as their consequences remain in southern Lebanon.

Someone needs to remind Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, the Lebanese government - and their masters in Syria - that one of the reasons that they are still walking on this earth is that the Israelis have chosen not to kill them yet. I thought that Michael J. Totten put it nicely the day that the IAF buzzed Assad's 'summer palace' in Latakiyya:
Syria's Bashar Assad was home when Israel sonic boomed his house in Latakiyya. He only continues to breathe because Israel feels like letting him continue to breathe. It must be nice to have morally superior enemies.
It is nice, isn't it Mr. Siniora?


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