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Monday, October 12, 2015

It's not all the Arabs but it sure seems like it

It's been a very difficult day in Jerusalem, one best symbolized by this bicycle, belonging to 13-year old Naor ben Rut, who was stabbed today while riding it in Jerusalem's Pisgat Zev neighborhood, and who is now fighting for his life at a local hospital.

Naor was stabbed by one of two brothers who went on a stabbing spree together.
It seems like they're all terrorists. But they're not. The problem is that their leadership is made up of terrorists, who are abetted by the Israeli and international Left.

Over dinner tonight, Mrs. Carl described an Israel Radio interview last week with an Arab woman who teaches in an Israeli school in Bnei Brak of all places. The interviewer kept trying to get the woman - whose husband teaches in an Arab school - to say something horrible about Israelis and/or Jews.

But the woman wasn't biting. She said that she would never say or advocate for such foolish things, because she wishes to live in Israel and in peace with Jews. She doesn't need or want a 'Palestinian state' and her husband feels the same way.

Unfortunately, there's a family in Beit Hanina that feels differently. They taught their two sons to murder Jews, and one of them is now dead.

Meanwhile, a Jewish boy from Pisgat Zev fights for his life.

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At 4:39 AM, Blogger Alan said...

It is of utmost importance, to recall that "Arab Christians" are indigenous people who adhere to a religion which is indigenous in Israel. They are Arabic-speaking ==purely by historical accident==; their historical native tongue is Aramaic, which is the half-sister of Hebrew. Same alphabet.

They ==can== be detached from speaking Arabic using the same methods that the Yishuv was attached to speaking Hebrew.

A good start would be to STOP the enrollment of Christian children into Arabic-speaking schools - period. The filipinits are voraciously loyal Catholics, yet they always enroll their kids into Hebrew public schools. And, judging by the developed state of their community (you'd have to read the Tagalog newspapers to appreciate how true that is) - it hasn't hurt them at all.


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