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Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Iranian nuke deal isn't about the nukes - it's about Israel

Abe Greenwald is spot-on in pointing out that the Iranian nuclear sellout isn't really about the nuclear weapons (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
If you think the United States just struck a poor nuclear deal with Iran, you’re right; but if that’s your key takeaway, you’re missing the point. Iran’s nuclear program was last on the list of the Obama administration’s priorities in talking to Tehran. The administration readily caved on Iran’s nukes because it viewed the matter only as a timely pretense for achieving other cherished aims. These were: (1) preventing an Israeli attack on Iran; (2) transforming the United States into a more forgiving, less imposing power; (3) establishing diplomacy as a great American good in itself; (4) making Iran into a great regional power; and (5), ensuring the legacies of the president and secretary of state as men of vision and peace.
The administration has always viewed Israel as an intractable troublemaker and the main catalyst for the region’s woes. An Israeli strike on Iran, especially if supported by the United States, would have been yet another display of destabilizing Israeli aggression that put Middle East peace further out of reach. Barack Obama, therefore, repeatedly warned Israel against attacking Iran. Benjamin Netanyahu complied, and for his compliance White House officials taunted him in 2014 as a “chickenshit” whose window of opportunity had closed. That window is now barred. The Iran deal states that the U.S. will train Iranians to counter any sabotage attempts on its nuclear facilities and systems. This is aimed at frustrating Israeli action.
From the administration’s standpoint, the deal was a grand slam. If it left Iran as an official nuclear power on the perpetual verge of a breakout, well, that was always the bargaining chip to get everything else. And with the United States having shown extraordinary cooperation and forgiveness, the thinking goes, even a nuclear Iran will become a less bellicose and more collegial member of the community of nations. What good the deal has already done, the administration believes, will continue to pay dividends. As is his wont, Obama is now declaring as much. But by the time his vision is upended by facts, he’ll be out of office, and we won’t have the luxury of fighting reality with abstractions.
Greenwald understates the extent to which Obama's anti-Israel obsession drove this deal. As John Podhoretz wrote in his review of Michael Oren's Ally (which I am currently reading), for ideological reasons, Obama doesn't like that Israel exists. Period. That anti-Israel obsession led to the Iran nuclear deal more than anything else.
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At 1:28 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

From Punic to Medic wars : No panic.

A very good article but of course succinct : we have been saying it for so long.
As far as the perception of Israeli affairs are concerned, what distinguishes the Obama administration in particular from others (European, Islamic, Arab and of course Iranian, I am not forgetting the Saddamist, Nasserians, nor Hans Blik, George Tenet, the antisemite Arab League and its corollary the Islamic Conference, nor Brennan, and their « schools of single thinking », etc) is that it is more overtly aggressive in its – because he can't hide it any more - antisemite hatred of the principle of re-independence of israel as a sovereign Nation and a civilisation on her land and a part of her historical properties. Any differences with the mentionned ?
Some in Israel even among his great admirers (not all of them are « leftists », let's not talk about the arabs in the Knesset) have finally understood the - and his manœuvres and grasp their latent meanings which all coincide with the idea succintly expressed in this article.
Obama who has played his cards close to his chest in public, appears more and more as he really is, juggling between Carter and Mitterrand ( to talk about the left only). Let's merely say here that he has tried almost everything, believing that the fact he is half-Black, with some Jews as a hijab, some Chrislamist as an umbrella, will make his racism and antisemitism seem unnoticed or more acceptable : in reality, in the name of what ?
With his colleagues accomplices, he is reactivating the so-called European Court, said International ( with Erdoghan, he is behind - and the brain of - Marmara flotillas) or acting as the ghost of UNO against the Congress. After having played on the episodes of the USS Liberty, the « death » of Kameneï, Abbas, some mixture of  : Jews, Chrislamo-churches, para-masonic obediences, business pressure-groups, and so on... he is now palying the card of blackmailing about the poor Pollard, knowing, as well as his Establishment, the injustices he is victim of, if only we compare his case to others having committed far more wrongdoings, particularly during Mr Obama's mandate (we will not quote the arabs and the muslim brothers infiltrated by him and under his benevolence among the Amercian focal points) or Obama himself.
Except if the purchase of the Captive cannot be done as a counterpart to the selling of the Nation. I think some misunderstood the spirit of the Talmud and interpret it as they like making a game out of it. Being at the end of his mandate, Obama feels free to do anything, everything, uncountable. Here too, he may deceive some people, but he is greatly mistaken on the all. His folie des grandeurs will, one day or another, come to an end, he is not an exception ; the question is what will be the intensities and the impacts of its effects and the reactions of the victims. The deal is about Israêl survival and not about the access - or not of islamist Iran to the stage of a regional player power - Persia - with nuclear weapons or not. One can just imagine if Israêl was not here, things would be almost the same. The problem is more about Civilizations and their lexicologies more than about nuclear energy used by them as a means than as a target, and in all cases, not for peaceful purposes as we concieve concepts : don't ask Butto's school for example. It's the problem of Islam ( shiit, sunnit, etc...) with the rest of the world and its perception of the Other.
To sum up here : the supposed israeli bomb is to impeach its destruction, the islamic bomb is to make it feasible.
Now, it's up to Israêl to continue to resist and to the American people to get down for the real change for a better America, serious credible and respectable in its relations with the rest of the civilized nations. Obama can hurt again but he knows he's already the past - hence one can expect more aggressivity ; a lesson and bad remembrance.


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