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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Highly confident Iran deal will be signed, Obama invites Netanyahu to White House

Apparently highly confident that a deal with Iran will be concluded in the next two weeks, President Hussein Obama has invited Prime Minister Netanyahu to visit the White House in July.

President Obama previously announced that a personal meeting with Netanyahu at the White House, after the latter's re-election as Israeli prime minister, would take place only after a final agreement between Iran and the six world powers was signed.

Israeli officials therefore believe the Americans are convinced that they will succeed in signing an agreement with Iran in the coming weeks, despite the delays and difficulties that are leaked daily from the negotiation rooms.

Nonetheless, if Netanyahu's visit does indeed occur, it will take place before Congress approves the agreement between Iran and the great powers. Obama must be interested in the visit itself, in its success and especially the joint statements before the cameras at its conclusion.

A negative attitude by Netanyahu regarding the agreement could make it difficult for Obama to have the agreement with Iran passed in Congress. 

Netanyahu is expected to demand a compensation package for increasing threats facing Israel. Among others, Netanyahu will seek to expand Israel's qualitative military advantage on other countries in the region. 
If Netanyahu had the cojones, he would say that he's not coming, or he would blast the Iran deal before he shows up. I don't expect the first alternative to happen, but the second one might. 

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At 3:35 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

that would be stupid. it would set relations back even further. never fight your enemy on his home turf.

At 10:30 AM, Blogger Redwood509 said...

Why can t you check your sources, this was such a ruse, Yediot is serving the Left/U.S regime, to send up Bibi, the spread a leak,knowing Yediot, will print, than they have an excuse to deny making Bibi look like today's Pinata=punching bag! First rule in journalism, try to check with more than one reliable source,Yediot is not a reliable source!


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