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Monday, March 02, 2015

Kerry warns Netanyahu against revealing details of Iran nuke deal

A day before Prime Minister Netanyahu's address, US Secretary of State John FN Kerry has warned the Prime Minister not to disclose details of the P 5+1 agreement with Iran.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is warning that public discussion of select details of the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran will make it more difficult to reach a deal that prevents the country from developing atomic weapons.
In comments to reporters in Geneva on Monday, Kerry said he was concerned by reports that details of the talks would be revealed in coming days. He did not elaborate, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will speak in opposition to a potential Iran deal in an address to Congress on Tuesday.

Netanyahu arrived on Sunday night in Washington D.C. Speaking to reporters during an in-flight briefing, a senior official in the prime minister's entourage said Israel holds a significant amount of trustworthy information regarding the deal taking shape with Iran that points at concessions agreed to by the world powers, which run counter to Israel's interests.

The senior official travelling on the prime minister's plane noted that Netanyahu had received the impression that members of Congress are not fully aware of the details of the deal being worked out. Netanyahu, the official said, is interested in using his speech to inform members of Congress of the information Israel holds in regards the deal, and seeks to help lawmakers there stop it from going ahead.
It is long past time for a little bit of sunshine to bring the 'most open administration evah' out into the open. Here's hoping that Netanyahu has the junk to do it. 

The hell you'll turn us into Czechoslovakia.

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At 5:07 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

So let's get this straight - a deal which the US has kept Israel out of the loop on so ostensibly doesn't officially know much about, but is so wonderful that it's the greatest thing in the history of diplomacy that it has to be kept secret forever by the most transparent US administration ever, will be risked by whom the government says doesn't know the details about.


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