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Monday, February 02, 2015

Obama's Jews

Aaron Klein reports that there are also some wealthy American Jews who are behind the campaign to unseat Prime Minister Netanyahu.
Uri Wollman, V15′s spokesman, told WND his organization’s ballooning infrastructure is funded primarily by three private philanthropists:
  • S. Daniel Abraham, the billionaire founder of the Slim Fast food line. Abraham is a major donor to the Democratic Party and the Clinton Foundation.
  • Daniel Lubetzky, a social entrepreneur whose OneVoice Movement is partnered with V15.
  • Alon Kastiel, a Tel Aviv-based businessman and owner of multiple local venues, including bars, clubs and hotels.
The admission confirms charges by Netanyahu’s Likud Party, which earlier called on Israel’s Central Elections Committee to outlaw V15′s activities to “ensure the integrity of the election.”
Lubetzky is the CEO and Founder of KIND Healthy Snacks and the KIND Movement. He is also founder of PeaceWorks Inc. and the PeaceWorks Foundation’s OneVoice Movement.
Lubetzky was born in Mexico City, the son of a Holocaust survivor and a Mexican Jew. As a teenager, he moved with his family to the U.S., where he attended college and earned a J.D. from Stanford Law School in 1993.
Lubetzky’s involvement in financing V15 is unsurprising since his OneVoice movement is openly partnered with V15, while V15 is utilizing OneVoice’s Tel Aviv office space as its headquarters, as WND reported.
Abraham’s financing of V15 was until now unconfirmed. The Palm Beach billionaire is a known contributor to leftist political parties in Israel. He is also a backer of the so-called Two State solution through the Washington-based Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation, which he co-founded.
During a press conference Sunday, the Likud Party officially accused V15 and other related nonprofits of being supported “through millions of dollars funneled from Europe, the U.S. and the New Israel Fund and international factors interested in bringing down Prime Minister Netanyahu” who think “that all means are appropriate.”
Reacting to the developments, Wollman, V15′s spokesman, told WND his organization will not stop its campaign to ensure a center-left coalition forms the next government in Israel.
Wollman accused Netanyahu and the Likud of “fabricating” a relationship between V15 and the Obama administration.
V15′s headquarters is actually the offices of Lubetzky’s “OneVoice.”
OneVoice bills itself as an “international grassroots movement that amplifies the voice of mainstream Israelis and Palestinians.” It has a clearly leftist tone.
OneVoice is reportedly sponsored by scores of nonprofits and received two grants in the past year from the U.S. State Department.
The State Department is also listed as a partner of OneVoice on the group’s website.
OneVoice development and grants officer Christina Taler told the Washington Free Beacon that “no government funding” has gone toward the V15 voter mobilization effort.
The entire senior staff of V-15 consists of people who ran the Obama campaign. And Obama claims he doesn't want to interfere in Israel's campaign (and that these people each decided independently to go on their own to Israel out of Zionist motivations?). What a hypocrite!

Read the whole thing.

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At 9:04 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

"Center Left" in Israel means Jews can't retain ownership of real estate that they already own, if it is in a parcel specified by the Authoritarian Govts of the West, eh? And the Center Left is #organizing Judenrein areas in Israel's neighborhood and in the U.S., starting with universities. Leftism is like a deadly disease like measles. Inoculate your children against it!!

At 11:02 PM, Blogger Max Coutinho said...


The Left is that desperate, eh? What are they afraid of exactly?
The Likud must do what it must, obviously; but I would like to see where all this interference will take the Left to.
Thank you for these names.

Sunlight makes a few good points...


At 3:36 PM, Blogger g2loq said...

Stephen Samuel Wise lives on:


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