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Monday, February 23, 2015

Not just 'not all it was cracked up to be,' but an out-and-out fake

In a post on Sunday, I referred to the 'Muslim peace ring' around an Oslo synagogue as 'not all it was cracked up to be.' In fact, it was even less than that. It turns out that the whole thing was an out-and-out fake. The 'peace ring' had about 20 Muslims, while the funeral for the Copenhagen terrorist drew 500 Muslims (Hat Tip: Jack W).
According to a local eyewitness, only about 20 or so Muslims formed the “ring of peace” around the Oslo synagogue. In fact, pictures from multiple angles show that there wasn’t enough people to form a ring, so the locals instead formed a horizontal line in front of the synagogue.
A local news outlet explained how the media got to its “1,300 Muslims” number. “According to police, there were 1300 persons present in the event. Very many of them ethnic Norwegians,” read a translated report from Osloby.no.
Demonstrators also reportedly chanted, “No to anti-Semitism, no to Islamophobia,” conflating criticism of Islam and hatred of Jews.
Photos pulled off of social media appear to corroborate the narrative that only twenty or so people formed the “peace ring.”
Multiple news outlets, including wire services for hundreds of news sites, ran with the false narrative that 1,000 or more people–sometimes all of them Muslim–formed the ring of peace outside of the Oslo synagogue.
Read the whole thing.

Meanwhile, on Friday, hundreds of people attended the funeral of the terrorist who murdered a guard outside a Copenhagen synagogue last Saturday after attacking a free speech gathering in that city.
Today was the funeral for the alleged shooter, and police told the BBC that between 600 and 700 attended. DR reports (as translated by Google):
Several hundred people — many of them young men dressed in big down jackets and with their faces covered — on Friday afternoon in light rain collected at a grave at the Muslim cemetery in Brondby.
Up to half of the attendees, who were all men, had masked their faces with jackets or scarves. More directed their index fingers toward the sky, while others beat their chests with a clenched fist. Most were silent.
Let's go to the videotape.

More here.

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