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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How inconvenient: Another 'secret' Iranian enrichment plant exposed

As the Obama administration pulls out all the stops to defend its intention to sign a deal that would allow Iran to become a nuclear power, the Iranian opposition throws a crowbar into the juggernaut by exposing yet another previously undisclosed uranium enrichment plant outside of Tehran.
The specifics contained in the NCRI’s report give it credibility because they make the report easy to either verify or debunk. The report pinpoints the hidden nuclear site with satellite photography, explains its internal structuring and shows the entrances as well as the location of an elevator to access a 200-meter underground tunnel. There’s even an up-close photograph of one of the shielded doors used at the site to conceal radiation.
The secret site is called Lavizan-3 and is operated by the Ministry of Intelligence and Security. It is within a military compound so that the regime can declare it off-limits to IAEA inspectors. Construction of the site began in early 2004 and is believed to have finished in 2008 or around that time.
According to the group’s sources inside Iran, the site is used for enriching uranium and building, testing and installing advanced centrifuges that enable Iran to produce the uranium for a nuclear bomb more quickly. The centrifuges at this location are of the IR2, IR3 and IR4 types. These centrifuges can potentially cut the time needed to make bomb-grade uranium from low-enriched uranium in half, from 18-24 months to 9-12 months.
NCRI also listed the names of key personnel involved in the hidden site. One of them is Morteza Behzad, an engineer involved with the Fordo uranium enrichment site that is buried 300 feet underground and was exposed in 2009. The Treasury Department sanctioned him in 2012.
The Lavizan-3 site can only hold 3,000 centrifuges, making it unsuitable for an a civilian energy program but entirely suitable for nuclear weapons creation.
Four top nuclear experts said earlier this month that they now consider Iran to be a nuclear-ready state,  warning that Iran poses an Electro-Magnetic Pulse threat to the U.S. and its satellite launches show that it has intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the U.S.
The IAEA confirms that Iran is still not being transparent about its nuclear activity. The agency’s September 5 report stated that Iran is still denying inspectors access to the Parchin site where the regime is believed to conducted research inarguably related to nuclear weapons. The regime also continued to deny that it has worked on nuclear warheads and has not adequately addressed the IAEA’s evidence.
Read the whole thing

In other news, the White House released three new pictures of President Obama commenting on Iran's nuclear program today. 

What could go wrong?

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At 11:54 PM, Blogger stephen77 said...

Carl, on reading some of your posts, I thought you might be someone who can give me some insight into Israeli policy. My current perceptions are:
1. The majority of Israelis detest America.
2. Israel regards Obama as the worst president in the country's history, and hates him.
3. Netanyahu wants America to cease all dialogue with Iran, and immediately bomb every suspected nuclear site.
4. Israel wants to operate America's foreign policy in the Middle East.
5. Israel requires total unquestioned acceptance of everything it does by America.
I'm not being facetious with this. These appear to be Israel's attitudes, but I have been unable to find anyone, at least at government level, who will confirm, deny or comment. It would be much appreciated if you could.
Thank you

At 12:24 AM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...

Hi Stephen 77,

1 is most definitely NOT true. Israelis actually love the US. They actually demonstrated in front of the US embassy in Tel Aviv a year or two ago with signs saying that we love America.

2 is largely true. Obama is very unpopular here - and with good reason.

3 is an overstatement. Netanyahu is okay with the US talking with Iran, but doesn't believe it will work unless the US has a big stick and shows a willingness to use it. That hasn't happened yet.

4 is worse than an overstatement. It reminds me of the claims that Jews control the banks, the media and everything else.

5 is not true. You can agree with us or disagree with us, but please don't treat us as a vassal state. We have never asked you to commit your troops here and we never will.

At 8:05 AM, Blogger stephen77 said...

Carl, Thanks very much for replying - its very hard to get anyone to actually do that.
Re point 1: In reading a number of blogs, many Israelis really do not seem to like Americans. One suggested that we were moral posers, and that we should give America back to the Indians. Maybe that's just the media.
Re Point 3: Its difficult to negotiate with another country without some goal in mind. If the position is 'do what I say or else' there is not much to negotiate.
Re Point 4: There is no suggestion there that 'Jews' want to do any such thing. It's about Netanyahu's perceived attitude that America's foreign policy in the Middle East should be filtered through Israel.
Re Point 4: I cannot recall anything which has ever indicated the US thinks of or treats Israel as a 'vassel state'. Examples?
Again, thanks for discussing these things.


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