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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Report ties Parchin blast to Iran's nuclear weapons program

Israel's Channel 10 is reporting that there's a connection between last week's explosion at Iran's Parchin weapons testing facility and Iran's nuclear weapons program.
Despite the claims of an accident, chairman of Iran's national security council Mohammed Saleh has summoned security sources to clarify the cause of the explosion which reportedly killed a "nuclear expert," confirming suspicions it was not a simple accident.
The Iranian state-run Fars News Agency on Monday in follow-up reports about the supposed ammunition explosion admitted it happened due to a "private company" that was given a tender to manage the transportation following government privatization. 
Channel 10 reports that the inquiry apparently is focused on a private transportation company "Hamana," which roughly four years ago was privatized and given given offices adjacent to the Parchin base entrance, where it is authorized to transport dangerous materials in and out of the base.
The public relations picture of Hamana features an image of a nuclear explosion, hinting in a not-so-subtle manner that the company may also be involved in transporting radioactive materials as part of Iran's secretive nuclear program.
Suspicions that the blast was an act of sabotage by a foreign nation were strengthened by the reports, given that a cyber attack would be possible on Hamana's trucks.
Hamana reportedly owns five trucks allowed to enter Parchin, which are equipped with GPS and AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) systems. The trucks' movements are supervised online, in a system that allows distress signals to be sent out - and even allows remote control over the truck's engine.
I wonder whether the Mossad has a company called Hamana. Heh.

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