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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Another Pallywood hoax?

Some of you may recall an incident in the summer in which four 'Palestinian' kids were killed on a Gaza beach in what was claimed to be a strike by Israeli gunboats. At the time, I told you not to rush to conclusions, that we had seen something like this before and it turned out to have been caused by a Hamas land mine.

Thomas Wictor has analyzed the incident, and has extensive photographic and video evidence that it was not caused by an IDF gunboat strike.
I can’t tell you what actually happened, but the boys weren’t playing soccer, the target was legitimate, and the IDF did not deliberately kill children. Yes, the Israelis took responsibility for the deaths; however, the IDF stopped using the M825A1 smoke shell for no reason. The IDF was also unable to determine how Mustafa Tamimi and Bassem Abu Rahmeh died. From the standpoints of PR and forensic investigation, the IDF needs major reform.
Knowing what I do about Hamas, my gut tells me that someone tossed a hand grenade. At close range that would cause all the wounds, burn the children, and tear off their clothes.
Hamas are just the type of creatures to instantly exploit a situation by murdering children.
Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, Zakaria Bakr, and Mohammed Bakr were living souls, not objects to be used in film production.

Read and view the whole thing.

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