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Thursday, October 02, 2014

And again: Terror in Jerusalem UPDATED WITH PHOTO OF VICTIMS' CAR

The picture is from a previous, similar incident.

A Jerusalem woman in her 20's came under a hail of rocks from 'Palestinian' terrorists as she was driving three teenage girls home from school on Thursday.
“There was a lot of traffic,” M. told Arutz Sheva. “They noticed that a crowd was forming behind their car. They felt that something was going on, and the feeling was verified when a rock hit the car. As Jerusalem residents – this in itself is something we are familiar with. It has happened to all of us before.
“They tried to press forward in traffic, but meanwhile, they saw that a crowd was coming toward them. They called security. They called the Mount of Olives hotline but it simply does not pick up the phone. They called the police, who tried to get them to describe their exact location, but the call got cut off. The police called them back, and tried to get some information about where they were and what was going on, but did not give them any advice.
“More rocks were thrown at the car, until the windows were smashed. Glass and rocks started falling on the girls in the back seat. The girls put their schoolbags over their heads, to keep from getting hurt. This worked, more or less – but one girl was hurt a bit in the back by rocks. The two girls who sat in the back were taken to Shaarei Tzedek and Hospital they are OK – no lasting injuries. Not physical, anyway.
“As the crowd got closer they tried not to panic. The mob surrounded the car – and one of the attackers threw a rock that a girl described as being 'the size of a round watermelon.'
“The driver tried to make a U turn, but would have had to run over people to do this. She screamed at police that if they don't come she will simply run over everyone. A car blocked them from behind, maybe on purpose, maybe not. Suddenly, they noticed that traffic had opened up a little and they drove out of the jam. The driver then saw a police car stuck in traffic. Shaking, she got out of the car, and demanded a police escort, saying she refused to go anywhere unless police came along with her. Two Border Policemen got in the car and they continued until they reached a more quiet place. There, they finally received the attention of police and medical personnel.”
The government would like to pretend this isn't happening. As if that will solve the problem.


Here's a picture of the car (Hat Tip: Jewish Press).

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At 5:39 PM, Blogger Chrysler 300M said...

in an Arab country these stone throwers would be dead in 5 minutes, why no reaction in Israel


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