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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

A deal at any price?

The Tower cites a Wall Street Journal report that indicates that Western negotiators are so desperate for a deal with Iran that they are offering more significant sanctions relief for a deal that would not stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
Iran has been pushing for a quick lifting of all Western and United Nations Security Council sanctions, according to Western diplomats. They have said some of Iran’s demands about the pace of easing economic pressure are unrealistic.
However the diplomat said Iran would get “substantial” economic relief early on if they complete a deal.
“In return for the implementation by Iran of verifiable nuclear-related actions which address our key concerns … we are ready to offer a substantial relief of economic and financial sanctions at an early stage,” the person said.
The Journal has also confirmed earlier reports that the West offered to let Iran 'unplug' its centrifuges rather than destroying them, a step that could be reversed in a matter of days.

The Tower adds:
While sanctions are cited as the impetus that forced Iran to negotiate, a report this July showed that the relaxing of sanctions over the course of the interim deal had eroded the West’s leverage with Iran in negotiations.
What could go wrong? 

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