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Thursday, July 03, 2014

'They can't help it: Lying is part of their nature'

The title of this post is the next excuse that the 'international community' will give for the latest story involving the family of 16-year old 'Palestinian' Mohammed Abu Khadr. It seems that the family lied to police about a younger son being 'kidnapped' the same day. Here's a report from Israel's Channel 2 (in Hebrew but an English language summary will follow).

Let's go to the videotape.

In a little-noticed report on Channel Two Wednesday night, analyst and reporter Moshe Nussbaum presented information which could upend the police inquiry into the murder of Muhammad Abu Khadr, the Beit Hanina youth whose burned body was found in the Jerusalem Forest early Wednesday.
In the report, Nussbaum cites contradictory statements by the youth's parents, who both told police different stories about another attempted kidnapping – that of Muhammad's nine year old brother – that may or may not have taken place.
Speaking on Israel Radio Thursday, Mohammed's father said he had called police at about 4 a.m. Wednesday to tell them that his son was being kidnapped, and said that they could trace his cellphone, which was still active. Police have not commented on the content of the call Mohammed's father said he made.
However, Nussbaum said, police were quite definitive that another call the family made to police on Tuesday turned out not to be the emergency the Abu Khadrs claimed it was. On Tuesday, police said, the mother called police to say that “settlers” had tried to kidnap her younger son. She said that individuals had stopped a car in front of her house where she was sitting with her son, and that they tried to grab him. She managed to hold onto him, she said, and they left, at which point she called police.
Officers arrived a few minutes later to take her statement, in which she said “settlers” had tried to kidnap her son, but could give no details. However, a few minutes later the father arrived, and he disputed his wife, saying that it was Arabs who tried to kidnap the son.
Police asked the father if he was positive regarding the identity of the would-be kidnappers, and he said he was. When they asked him to file a police complaint, he said he would, but that he would come down to the police station later on to do so in order to be able to comfort his son. He never showed up, police said, who contacted him several times asking him to file the complaint – but to no avail.
When asked on Israel Radio as to the identity of the kidnappers, Mohammed's father said he did not know – but that it should be an easy matter for police to figure it out, because their images were captured on video by one of the many security cameras in the area.
“All they have to do is put the pictures on TV and I am sure someone will identify them,” he said.
But of course, the 'international community' will forgive this,  because the 'Palestinians' cannot help but lie. Morally obtuse. 

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