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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Proof that Israel is winning

Shavua tov, a good week to everyone from Jerusalem, where we had a relatively quiet Sabbath - just one siren shortly before 7:00 pm. Unfortunately, the center of the country had a much more difficult time and I'll get to that later.

But first, I want to prove to you that Israel is winning this war. How do I know? By the surest sign of all: The United Nations Security Council is calling for a cease fire.
In a short four-sentence statement, the Council called for a reinstitution of the November 2012 ceasefire put in place after Operation Pillar of Defense, and said they would support a resumption of peace negotiations toward a two-state solution. The statement also called for “immediate calm and ending the hostilities in Gaza including the launching of rocket attacks,” and for an “immediate, durable, and fully respected cease-fire.”

There was no word on the state of any Security Council draft resolution on the situation. The release of the statement was delayed by the Jordanians, who said on Saturday that they wished to look over some “elements” with the American delegation.
Not even a resolution? Wow. Could it be that the UN has finally figured out Hamas
Jeffrey Goldberg writes about the lack of global response to the war, and concludes that Hamas may have made a huge miscalculation this time:
I’ve been struck, over the last few days, by the world’s indifference to Gaza’s fate. Perhaps this conflict has been demoted to the status of a Middle East sideshow by the cataclysms in Iraq and Syria. Perhaps even the most accommodationist European governments know that Israel is within its right to hunt down the people trying to kill its citizens. Regardless of the cause, Israel seems under less pressure than usual to curb its campaign.
There is no doubt that Hamas could protect Palestinian lives by ceasing its current campaign to end Israeli lives. The decision is Hamas’s. As the secretary-general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, said yesterday, “We face the risk of an all-out escalation in Israel and Gaza, with the threat of a ground offensive still palpable — and preventable only if Hamas stops rocket firing.”
Read the whole thing

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