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Monday, July 07, 2014

Forgotten people: Half a million Israelis in shelters and the world's reaction...

Let's go to the videotape.

There are half a million Israelis hiding in bomb shelters from a blizzard of rockets being shot by Hamas from Gaza. Pathetically, Prime Minister Netanyahu is being restrained from going after them by the Obama-Kerry junta, at the request of 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen. And the world's reaction is best described by the video at the top of this post.
Some half a million Israelis spent much of their weekend running to bomb shelters, with school camps remaining closed in one city July 6 because of rocket fire from Gaza.
“The Ashdod municipality had said on Saturday night that no classes or other planned activities would be allowed to open, except inside bomb shelters.”
The Hamas terror organization, which controls Gaza, claimed it can hit any city in Israel, under its slogan “all cities are close to Gaza.” A picture depicting a heroic jihadist carrying a Grad rocket can be seen on the homepage of the Hamas information website and other Hamas-affiliated websites.
There was a steep increase in rockets shot at Israel over the past four days.
110 rockets were fired into Israel, 80 of them exploded in urban areas in the Negev. Ten rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome (defense system).”
Beersheba was targeted for the first time since 2012. Although rockets were fired at the city, they were intercepted by Iron Dome.
How much longer will the Israeli government put up with this?

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At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, how long? Why do we have to do exactly why Obama and Kerry ask us to do? Why do we have to care what the rest of the world thinks? Apparently the ghetto mentality that the creation of the State of Israel was supposed to end is alive and well.

As a character from the novel Exodus stated, "So let us be wrong in the eyes of the whole damned world" (which is not to be confused with being actually wrong). I would love for Israel to carry this attitude in the future.

It seems that politicians force wars to end before the generals have achieved their objectives. This happened in Vietnam and the first war in Iraq. Then we had to face the consequences (the Communist takeover, Saddam being a threat and having to return to Iraq to overthrow him). Of course, the Gaza operations and the Second Lebanon War come to mind. Let's finish the job this time with Hamas.


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