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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Direct hit on house near Jerusalem - no one hurt

At least one rocket that we heard in the last hour scored a direct hit on a house near Jerusalem. Fortunately, no one was hurt.
Terrorists from Gaza fired a fresh salvo of around 30 rockets at Israel, and upped the ante further by striking deeper into the country than before.
For the first time, Color Red air raid sirens sounded in Jerusalem, and residents reported hearing a number of explosions. AFP claims its correspondents in the capital heard three explosions.
A direct hit was reportedly scored on a house not far from Jerusalem. No one was hurt.
"In the case of a siren or explosion, residents should go to the closest protected area within a minute and a half and close all doors and windows and stay indoors for 10 minutes," the statement continued. "All residents are asked to continue to listen to instructions from the Home Front Command." 
 I hope we have Iron Dome in Jerusalem. But we rely on God anyway.

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