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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Battle for Ammunition Hill

One of the (if not THE) key battles for Jerusalem in 1967 was the battle for Ammunition Hill. Ammunition Hill, which we pass on our way to the Old City - it's probably a five-minute drive from our house - is a small hilltop which was a system of bunkers filled with weapons. The IDF had to conquer it in order to make it to the Old City of Jerusalem and the eastern part of the city. It sits practically on the green line.

After the war, this song about the battle was written and performed by an IDF choir. I am posting two versions of it, one which has no subtitles, but shows the scenery on the hill and some of the men (really boys) who were killed in the battle. The other has subtitles in both English and Hebrew.

Let's go to the videotapes.

Today, Ammunition Hill is a museum and memorial to those who were killed in the battle for Jerusalem.

From the first time I heard this song, it always bothered me how the commander - apparently knowingly - sent 'Eitan' (whose full name and picture appear in the first video) to his death.... Obviously, he felt that the alternatives were worse.... 

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