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Friday, May 30, 2014

Border police foil suicide bombing, IDF looks for terror cell behind it

The border police foiled a suicide bombing at the Tapuach junction in Samaria on Friday morning, and the IDF is now searching for the three-member terror cell they believe to be behind the bombing. This is from the first link.
The suicide bomber wore heavy clothing on a hot day and walked in a strange manner, arousing the suspicions of Border Police officers at the junction. After being forced to lie on the ground and reveal 12 pipe bombs wrapped around his body and connected by wires. Border Police called in a bomb disposal team, which dismantled the belt. 
The Palestinian was then arrested and taken for questioning while a bomb squad dismantled the explosives and submitted the devices for further inspections to determine the explosive material which was used.

The terrorist was identified as a Palestinian man in his 20's, who arrived at the junction from Nablus area. Security forces believe that the bomber intended to strike the soldiers at the check point but are also investigating other possibilities
And the search....
The assumption at this stage is that the suicide terrorist who was captured wearing a bomb belt was brought to Tapuach Junction by three other Arab terrorists, reports Walla!.
The three terrorists reportedly gave the apprehended terrorist clear instructions as to how to detonate the bomb belt.
IDF forces suspect that the three terrorists may have more bomb belts or other weapons, lending a true urgency to the pursuit.
The information likely was provided by the captured terrorist who was brought in for investigation, after refusing IDF orders to remove his unseasonably large coat at Tapuach Junction and then lying on the ground.
And if you're wondering why this guy wasn't a suspect a long time ago....
A senior military official said that the terrorist who was apprehended had no past history of connections to terrorism. The source added that the terrorist said in investigation that he was supposed to detonate the explosive himself, as opposed to some other terrorist detonating it remotely.
 No, the war is not over yet.

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