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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mooch tells Chinese how she survived American death camps

Oh my....
Speaking to a group of awestruck Chinese citizens, Michelle Obama recounted her years of oppression as a victim of racism and how she survived the American extermination camps.

"There were laws in America that discriminated against people like me because of the color of our skin," said Michelle. A sharp inward gasp was heard as the interpreter finished her comment in Mandarin.

Still haunted by laws that were no longer in effect when she was born, Michelle outlined her plight as she endured racism in Princeton University, and narrowly escaped death at Harvard Law School. Tears were seen streaming down the cheeks of some of the visibly moved Chinese citizens.

Women in her audience especially were deeply touched as the First Lady revealed how she had to live paycheck to paycheck as a hospital administrator with a meager six digit income.

"Sometimes we had to say no to caviar, or no to a really expensive Italian sports car because we just couldn't afford it," Michelle Obama recalled, her voice breaking, as one Chinese woman fainted and another one began sobbing uncontrollably.

However, when Michelle recalled the glorious day when her husband was chosen as the Democrat Party candidate for president - the day when she was proud of her country for the first time in her adult life - triumphant cheers broke out and she received a standing ovation.

Read it all. How much longer is this trip lasting anyway? Don't Sasha and Malia have to go back to school?

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