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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Who says you need 'peace' for a strong economy?

For those of you who have bought into the Obama-Kerry-Livni-Peres nonsense that we need 'peace' to have a strong economy, please consider this.
A few facts for those who think that “peace” is necessary for a strong economy:
  1. During 65 years of conflict Israel has created a stunning economic miracle;
  2. In the last 25 years of conflict Israel was one of the fastest growing economies in the OECD;
  3. In the last 5 years of conflict Israel was THE fastest growing economy;
  4. The IDF 8200 unit was identified by Startup Nation as a key source of the innovation that makes Israel a Hi-tech leader;
  5. The other OECD country competing with Israel for title of fastest growing country: South Korea (another country facing existential threats);
  6. The slowest growing OECD economies: the “peaceful” EU countries;
  7. The 65 year old Arab boycott of Israel has been a total failure and helped destroy Arab economies.
We don't need 'peace' for a strong economy. If anything, 'peace' in scare quotes is far more likely to destroy the economy that we have.

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