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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Photo of the week

Yes, the gun was in the knapsack. And yes, the knapsack belongs to a 'Palestinian.' Just like your kids go to school, no?

Pamela Geller explains.
This photo of the week best illustrates the “Palestinian” culture. It is antithetical to the Jewish culture (which is why it was hidden there, I am sure).
“IDF Forces Discover Firearm Hidden inside of Child’s Backpack,” IDF, January 23, 2014
Last night, IDF forces found an improvised firearm during a search in the Jordan Valley. The Palestinian suspect had concealed the weapon in a child’s bookbag, which the forces discovered inside of his vehicle.
Late Tuesday evening, a battalion from the IDF’s Kfir Brigade discovered an improvised firearm and ammunition inside of a Palestinian vehicle during a routine inspection in the Jordan Valley. The weapon was found inside of a child’s bookbag at a checkpoint not far from the driver’s home. “The driver aroused suspicion after a preliminary search,” said Captain Sefi Mor, an IDF company commander involved in the inspection. “He seemed anxious, so we decided to perform a comprehensive search of the vehicle.”
Read the whole thing.

The next generation of 'Palestinians' is being well-trained for co-existence, isn't it?

And come to think of it, where have I heard of the Kfir Brigade before?

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