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Monday, January 20, 2014

And the rockes' red glare

'Palestinian' terrorists have apparently shot at least two Grad rockets at the southern city of Eilat this evening. No physical injuries or damage have been reported.
A number of blasts were heard in the southern city Eilat on Monday evening.

Israel Police, Border Police and IDF sources were sent to the area to investigate the source the blasts, an army spokeswoman said.

Channel 2 reported one Grad rocket was found at an open field outside of the city and another fell inside the city. The IDF could not at present confirm these reports.

No injuries or damage were reported.
The southern resort city was previously attacked with rockets fired by Islamist militants from the Sinai Peninsula.
Note that I said 'physical injuries or damage.' I don't believe it's possible to live like this in the long run. Having the rockets shot down - even a high percentage of them - is not a substitute for being rocket free.

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