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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Why Jews have Obama's back

Former Congressman Allen West wonders why Jews have Obama's back if Obama doesn't have Israel's.
Israel would require some operational logistics and intelligence support from the United States, and I would not put it past the Islamist-centric President Obama to withhold such support. Furthermore, it is the “day after” which should mainly concern Israel. Will the United States back their play and have their backs?
This career soldier and former Paratrooper thinks not, and that is a major concern for PM Netanyahu — to a point. Since his rise to power, President Obama has effectively destabilized the neighborhood in which Israel resides, and not by incompetence, but by intention.
Yet the American Jewish community blindly followed this mastermind of disaster, not once but twice. And don’t forget, Hillary and Bill Clinton entertained Yasser Arafat in the White House. The question is, now that Obama doesn’t need the Jewish community for another election, will they awaken from their misguided politically-driven stupor?
No, of course they won't. American Jews are liberals much more than they are pro-Israel. 

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At 7:32 AM, Blogger Captain.H said...

Which brings to mind the despairing quote from Winston Churchill, to the effect that a 5 minute conversation with the average voter is enough to make one despair about Democracy.

Democracy in theory calls for the very best of it's people in "Citizenship". What most Democracies get is mostly Pavlovian habit.

Take my esteemed Jewish fellow Americans. The Democratic Party of today isn't the Party of Roosevelt, Truman or even JFK. ("Camelot" mythology!) And the Republican Party of today isn't the WASP club it lamentably once was. Citizens in any Democracy have a moral duty to keep themselves informed, hold their elected officials accountable and constantly assess the state of public affairs, determine where their and their nation's interests lie.

I don't pretend to be an expert on Israeli politics, but based on my USAF experiences and subsequent studies, Labor PM Golda Meier has to be the Gold Standard for a failed leader in a Democracy. About three thousand Israeli soldiers died in the Yom Kippur War.

She was even warned in a phone call from King Hussein days before that the Egyptians and Syrians were about to attack and that Jordan was going to sit this one out!

Denial, not just a river the Jews crossed leaving Egypt!

One could write a very lengthy article about the global consequences of her failed leadership. The US had formally, in writing, made explicit promises to the Republic of South Vietnam. They, acting in what lawyers call "detrimental reliance" (correct legal term, Carl?) had reluctantly signed the Paris Peace Accords. Among other things, the US had promised to supply South Vietnam with a mountain of military equipment, munitions, combat aircraft, soup-to-nuts!

Then came the Yom Kippur War. Israel took it on the chin at first. Then Richard Nixon, the American President whom all good Democrats choose to hate, came through for Israel. Among other things, he ordered 200 of the latest F-4 fighters, drawn directly from USAF fighter squadrons in NATO, in Europe, immediately flown to Israel, to replace the IAF fighters shot down over the Canal, Sinai and Egypt by Russian-supplied SAMs. The same day they arrived, the US logos were painted over, Israeli logos applied and they were flown into combat over Sinai and Syria. Then tens of billions of dollars in the latest high-tech aerial missiles to arm them; thousands of the first generation of smart bombs; mountains of small arms ammunition; soup-to-nuts, as they say. All this was given -given- to Israel.

ALL this, I repeat ALL this is what the United States had solemnly promised in writing to give to the South Vietnamese Government, who acting in "detrimental reliance" [correct legal term, Carl?] had caused the South Vietnamese Government to reluctantly signed the Paris Peace Accords.

This outraged a number of the highest ranking American military and naval officers, who believed that America should always keep it's word. Especially to a nation for whom 56,000 Americans had already died, defending their attempt to build a Democratic South Vietnam. A number of the highest ranking American Generals and Admirals submitted their resignations. They only reluctantly changed their minds, when other American high-level officers appealed to their patriotism and the consequences of this mass resignation.

Consequently, the US never being a bottomless pit of military weapons, had nothing much left to send South Vietnam in 1975, when the whole North Vietnamese Army, in violation of the Paris Peace Accords, invaded South Vietnam.

I was still in the USAF then, stationed then at a SAC base in California. I well remember, like yesterday, the day Saigon fell. I worked in the biggest building on the base, the main maintenance and office building by the flightline. The entire building was palpably silent. Men whom I knew, B-52 air crewmen were dead, leaving widows and orphans. It was a combination of mourning and anger.


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