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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Let al-Qaeda be?

A Syrian rebel activist has told the Jerusalem Post that Israel should just let al-Qaeda be if the Islamist terror group helps to topple Bashar al-Assad.
Ahmad said her area remained under control of the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. The southern parts of Damascus have been under control of the Free Syrian Army. She added, however, that the area was under siege and people were dying from hunger, with smugglers at risk of being struck down by sniper fire.

Asked who was winning the war, she responded: “I don’t see that Assad has the advantage in the fighting. The West can say what they want; all they care about is their interests, and Syria learned that the hard way.”

Ahmad said that everyone knew about last summer’s chemical attacks, and also that the US had threatened to intervene, although at the end of the day nothing happened.

She embraced any help that the rebels could get.

“If al-Qaida will help us topple the regime, let it be,” she said.

She added that no one was worried that radicals would rule should Assad fall, since a new government would be chosen by the people in elections.
Like al-Qaeda would allow free elections.... And about Israel?
Ahmad said it was well known that some Syrians were being treated in Israeli hospitals.

“Israel used to be our enemy but is helping us on the human level while other friends are doing nothing,” she said.

She added, however, that Israel had given Assad’s planes permission to fly over certain areas of the Golan Heights in order to carry out bombing missions against the rebels. This information had been confirmed, she claimed. 
If that's true, it should be obvious why: Israel can't just let al-Qaeda be.

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